Is LeChuck scary?

When I was a child, one of the first games I ever played was MI2.

After years (or at least what felt like years) myself and my sister got to the end of MI2, with LeChuck stalking us around the tunnels underneath Dinky Island I remember being terrified of him catching us, when would he appear on screen and the music would kick up a notch and we would have what felt like a split second to escape to the safety of an adjacent screen… screaming out loud… thinking he would melt poor guybrush

I remember being absolutely scared to my wits end…

Of course I was about 5 or 6… maybe a small bit older… but was LeChuck scary to other I wonder?


Of course! I mean he´s a rednosed transparent ghost in the first game, but in the second he´s a slimy, green, skeletal zombie that spits all the time.



Yeah, he’s definitely more scary than in MI1. It’s such a long time when I originally finished MI2, so I cannot remember for sure: I would not rule out that I panicked for a moment the first time he entered the room.

But since it turned out he would not outright kill Guybrush, him appearing was more annoying than scary.

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I never seemed to figure out how the timer on him worked. Sometime it seemed like it took him ages to reach a room on other times you couldn´t do anything from one teleport to the next because he appeared so fast. And it didn´t seem to have to do with the distance he had to walk either. But yeah, everytime he showed up before I was finished doing something I would alwas go “Oh, crap no!”

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By the time I first saw LeChuck I was at least 11, so he wasn’t as scary as, say, Ursula, Scar, the first appearance of the Borg or the heron that ate Kermit.

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Oh yeah, this part at the end of MI2 was scary and the (fake) time pressure added to it.

And with its original graphics you can’t even recognise his hat! Only after looking at concept art I saw what it actually consists of.

This is the second most scary 2D pixel art I have ever seen! Who scaled and malformed this poor creature?

For reference:



LeChuck scared me a lot. I just turned 10 when I got the game and ran the game on MS-DOS with a PC speaker, which meant that it was really silent all the time, with no background music playing, until LeChuck showed up and the speaker started blaring the (now glorious and much beloved) theme.

Plus I wasn’t aware of the fact that LeChuck would never kill Guybrush, I always thought I’m going to die now. o.O

As of now, I have come to terms with the terror that LeChuck would inflict on me as a child, and right up until half a year ago, MI2 was my favorite computer game… now it’s PlayDead’s Inside, but for the same reasons I love MI2: atmosphere.

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