Is MI1 better than MI2 only for nostalgic reasons?

That has happened to some Thimbleweed Park players as well. They played it on Hard and when they re-played it on Casual, they were expecting to find similar puzzles when actually some puzzles (and even entire places and characters) were no more necessary.

(On an slightly related note, I have also seen several people playing on Casual but trying to follow an “Hard” walkthrough. They were completely confused. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have almost forgotten all Loom puzzles (which is good, because it means that I can play it again). Were they more linear than the Monkey Island ones?

I had the same experience with TWP, casual mode. I stuck for a while while trying to get the money for the photocopier. Then I tried anyway. Et voila.

The worst you can do really is forgetting to write down spells. Everything else comes down to very very basic logic.

Let’s say that the puzzle dependency chart of Loom doesn’t fan out so much and also has more one-way bottle necks than MI.

Loom was a fantasy story, with its own charm, and a new action interface (the distaff).
It could be played only in “casual” mode :slight_smile:

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My two cents.

All in all I prefer MI2. MI1 makes a great work in presenting Guybrush and the whole universe, but MI2 feels more adventurous, has a better story, Guybrush is a real Mighty Pirate™, and the final act is way better.

And it has the Woodtick theme. Best soundtrack ever.

I cannot believe my eyes.

I always thought the best joke about Monkey Island 2 was that while Guybrush defeated LeChuck in the first game and by definition had moved from aspiring pirate to actual pirate he STILL isn´t being taken seriously by anyone. He THINKS he´s a mighty pirate but no one else does.

Am I the only one who saw it that way?

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No, I also saw it that way. Just look at him in the pink dress…
It’s also the reason he’s grown a beard


LeChuck’s Revenge (Land, McConnell, Bajakian, Goldstein, White and AdLib)

Men of Low Moral Fiber
Captain Dredd’s Theme
Gambler’s Club
Hidden Beach
Am I Really Dead
LeChuck in Agony

It’s the L.A. Woman of video games.

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No, same here.

Yep, but also no :slight_smile:

In case someone forgot, there is a difficulty selection at start (for most versions):

Absolutely not. Even the beginning of the game makes clear that nobody takes him seriously.

Guybrush: I’m on a whole new adventure.
Bart: Growing a mustache?
Guybrush: No. Bigger than that.
Bart: A beard?

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No, I considered it a gag, too. But I saw it more deeply, like the attitude of other pirates towards him was due Guybrush’s lack of self-confidence. I had the feeling he proved to be a good pirate in facts, but he knew or believed he wasn’t worth it/he was a sort of a cheater.

That’s what I liked in the character. I feel it as a very human and common attitude.

I forgot :smiley:
But I remeber to having tried all of them.
on the Expert mode you could only rely on your ears.

Expert mode isn’t incredibly difficult, if you’re not musically inclined it can be a little trial and error at times, and it’s worth it to play through to see what’s under Bobbin’s hood.

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So there is a difference?? I figured it only had an impact on how the spells are displayed (not on the puzzles).
By the way, standard or practice is equally difficult if you have a pen and paper ready.


No, me too, even if it sounded different when I wrote my comment.

I meant that Guybrush doesn’t want to become a pirate anymore, because he is. He’s just looked down upon from other people, but he’s on his own adventure now, not like in MI1 where he needs some higher power’s approval to be labeled pirate. OK, in the second part he begins his own adventure, but still, in MI2 Guybrush’s attitude is way different and way cooler, regardless of how others react to him.

Exactly. This is the bonus scene:

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MI1 is good, but I liked MI2 better.

MI1‘s mood will never be reached by anything else for me 1 not MI2 and not TWP. But both of these games I liked a lot, too.

The long post in this thread explains most of the things I observed, too so no need to repeat that - my magic moment is and remains wandering around Melee Island - discoveing new places and meeting pirates for sword fighting. Gold standard.

I played all SCUMM games on Amiga 500 / 1200 first - the music and art of MI1 was superior to the EGA version IMHO - when I replay those games nowadays, I play the CD VGA Version though.