LucasArts adventures - worst to best

I don’t agree with some of the rankings, but it also seems a rather impossible task to do justice to all the games. So I will not try, but my version would definitely see multiple games sharing the same rank :slight_smile:.

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I didn’t read it because the list wasn’t all on one page. Sorry.


Putting Maniac Mansion, Loom, Zak McKraken, The Dig and Indy 3 in the lower end makes me loss all respect for that list.


I agree with @grago and @kaiman. The only thing I can say is, that for me “The Secret of Monkey Island” is the best adventure game from Lucasfilm. :slight_smile:


It’s difficult to make rankings. I mean, I spend some time almost every day asking myself if I prefer MI2 or Grim Fandango.

What I know for sure is, I wouldn’t have put Maniac Mansion before Zak McKracken. While MM is the genre-defining game, Zak is much more adventurous.


So you would prefer MI2 over MI1?

In most critics and rankings MI2 is preferred over MI1. That’s very interesting because I don’t agree: IMHO(!) the story in MI1 is more thrilling and -hm- sophisticated/well thought, the gags are more fine tuned, there is no weird “open end” and the graphics fitted more the limitations of the hardware (the water colored backgrounds of MI2 are looking great, but they are often too pixelated).


Depends on your criteria. Post-Monkey Island games are just better in a lot of game design and interface ways. If you don’t take that into account then by definition the older ones will end up down at or near the bottom.

MI1 > MI2.

[Edit: I wrote a lot about it here.]

But the MI2 ending is great!


My opinion on the two changed over time. In my teens, MI1 would have won, based on the humor alone. Replying both as an adult, turns out my taste has changed and I like the darker humor of MI2 better. Graphics-wise, I always preferred the more colorful MI2.

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Yes. Mainly because I think MI2 Guybrush is a way better character for my taste. MI1 Guybrush is too naive, too “good”. In MI2 he’s trying so hard, he’s a boaster, basically an a**hole, and that’s why I like him better. That’s also the reason why I think Tales > MI3.

As for the plot, I like that MI2 would have had nothing to do with LeChuck if it weren’t for Guybrush himself bragging with Largo. It’s not just a “I want to be a pirate” where an antagonist randomly shows up: it’s again underlining Guybrush’s a**holery. And yet you keep on with your quest for Big Whoop, because the world is fed up with you beating LeChuck, you need to show them all your worth.

I like the sense of adventure the game gives you, the locations are great, and not only in the visual sense.

And while I love MI1, its ending didn’t leave me wanting a new installment for 30 years :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: Yes! Indeed. But still weird. :wink:

I won’t write my list :grin:

According to your avatar and your nickname I would assume that you liked Indiana Jones most… :thinking:


That’s the third best adventure game in my personal list!


III or IV? :slight_smile:

III – in Venice


Yes, he would. He stated it, somewhere, I can’t find where. @Nor_Treblig???

Hmmmmm… Again I have a Deja Vu. Somewhere I wrote this, but I can’t find where @Nor_Treblig???111 . I’ll rewrite my opinion:
I don’t think the story in MI1 is more sophisticated. It is more thrilling indeed. It is a classical plot. You know the protagonist, he grows up, falls in love, meets an opponent, his love is in trouble, he saves the world, happy end. It is a stand-alone title. The story in MI2 is definitely more sophisticated, thus more difficult to follow, the objectives are less clear and maybe less thrilling. And the finale, according to many, is meh. Maybe also because while MI1 is a stand alone title, MI2 is clearly a second chapter of a (unfinished) trilogy. This is a plus to MI1, to me.
The gags in MI1 are great, and so in MI2. Deuce. The puzzles… I must admit that puzzles in MI2 are far better, and the whole architecture of the game is better and more mature.
Music: unforgivable the MI1 music because it’s the first game. But the music in MI2 is much more complex, and iMuse is a total experience.
About the graphics, again, I do agree. MI1 was a stunning Mark Ferrari work. The art was real pixel art. And that is why it fits so cleverly the technical limitations.
The art in MI2 isn’t pixel art. It is hand-drawn art. That was the future. But at present times, it was too much ahead of the times, and it aged badly. Hand drawn scanned art presented in 320x200 shows all its limitations. Playing MI2 makes you desire continuously a better resolution.

My conclusion? MI2 il much more colorful, polished, full of music, more structurated, more fancy, with a much bigger production value and so unsurprisingly is considered better than MI1. But, in my opinion, is only one of the first (improvable) attempts of 90s adventure games. MI1, conversely, is the last and maximum expression of 80s adventure games.

Anyway, I found this thread where I made my personal standings:

What is your favorite classic Lucas adventure? - #48 by Ema


You mean this?

You mean this very same thread?


@Nor_Treblig you’re the man!


I actually like the order from the list - especially as it does bring up some valid points in the mini review, rather than reiterating wikipedia knowledge.
Apart from Zak and Maniac Mansion ranking so low on the list I can agree with this order way better than the recent tournament on FB.
And in all honesty, me rating Zak and MM higher would be more due to personal nostalgia.