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The Fake Transcript Podcast #68


Original air date: April 2, 2018

Transcribed by Sushi

(Intro music)

(Ron): Hi, this is Ron Gilbert and welcome to this special Thimbleweed Park Development Podcast, where we talk about what we did last year and what we’ll do next year. And as always, I am joined by Gary Winnick…

(Gary): hey

(Ron): … David Fox…

(David): hello

(Ron): and special guests Jenn Sandercock and Mark Ferrari!

(Mark in Jenn’s voice): Hellooo!
(Jenn): Yee-haw!

(Ron): OK. We’ll be talking about lots of stuff related to Thimbleweed Park later. But let me get this thing out- it’s kinda an exclusive scoop for all our fabulous fans out there…

(Gary): Don’t tell me your are thinking about doing a sequel to Thimbleweed Park. I mean, I enjoyed doing those art and icons, but -and I am gonna say this is been the most interesting experience for years- but I need some more decompression, you know?

(David): laughs.

(Ron): No, no. Not a sequel to Thimbleweed Park. I am looking into some RPG style game mechanics and then Disney called one day and I traded my demo for the rights to Monkey Island.

(Mark): So MI3a, huh?

(Ron): April’s fools!!!

(All): [Laughing]

Tune in on Monday for the long awaited TWP podcast!

(Any statements above are for educational and entertainment purposes only. No resemblance to actual living persons or otherwise made-up artists is guaranteed. Neither any obtaining of rights to long-lost successful franchises. Appreciation for April’s fools day not authorised by Mr. Gilbert)


Please tell me that I’m not the only one who has read this podcast with the actual developer’s voices in his head!! :blush::smiley:

Sure, why not?


I have edited the post to reflect why not…


I wrote it with their voices and speech patterns in mind, so …


Wow!! It must have been an amazing demo then!
I wonder if, in doing so, he gave away the rights to the RPG-style game mechanics he made for that demo? And if so, what will Disney do with them?

So many questions to be answered tomorrow… or not :grin:


I was sure it wasn’t real as soon as they started the podcast without mentioning the weather!


Here is the real podcast #68: