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The Italian Job - featuring David Fox


So NOW the questions for David start to pour in…

I guess the diagnose was dehydration, hypothermia and a lowered self-esteem for failing at a puzzle.


And here’s Willie’s reaction



Is that before or after he reformed? Would be fun if that made a difference somehow.


Obviously before, as he doesn’t need anything else afterwards


Right, and he´s dancing and can´t be approached!


It makes me wonder what the devotee says when you are low on dough…


Let’s find out, shall we?
So… nope, he just didn’t notice your cashcard bouncing…


Not sure if I posted this somewhere else before… but this guy won’t stand for a free rider


I don’t think you did (although I might’ve missed it if it was in a video), but I did experience it for myself. :wink:


My question for you is: how did you succeed in saving exactly $1 on Zak’s cashcard??


I traveled around the world at first to London/Katmandu/Cairo a few times, then went to SFO, paid my phone bill and had just 300-something left (not enough for a roundtrip to Seattle). Then I bought stuff at Lou’s paw shop, ended up still with more than $42, so I sold a thing and bought it again to end up with less money - $17 IIRC. Then a few busfares at $4.

You could also donate a lot of spare dimes to the bum ($1), but that takes forever.

So yes, you could even end up with exactly $0


I forgot the bum, you are right!