Tips and Tricks

If you want to add glyphs to the .ttf fonts, it’s best to add them using a TTF editor, but if you need to add game images (including color images) you can use:

fontAddImage(font, charid, image, offset, xadvance)

Any image from the game can be temporally added to a TTF font.

fontAddImage(FONT_OPTIONS, "●", UI_SHEET+":text_rarrow", point(0,1), 1)


I love the debug tools, I like to have the window information on the screen, and keep an eye on almost everything.

I’ve just been told this tip: to have extra space on the left for the debug windows, add this to the prefs.json file:

debugExtraScreenWidth: 550

(of course, any number other than 550!)


For debugging purposes, to test everything faster, you can add these options to the award-winning Prefs.json file:

skipIntro: 1
debugUnlimitedPhotos: 1

They are self-explaining.