Your favorite adventure game endings

The game had multiple diverging paths based on the different play styles, but as I recall they all converged on the same ending.

I think there game reconvened before the end but there were definitely differences in the endings depending on the path you had taken.

If I had to pick my most favourite ending it would probably be all of the bioshocks, including the DLC that really ends the series. The way it all tied together and the multiple dimensions, it was like a mix of all the things I love about x-files, sliders, star trek, twilight zone and some outer limits. I’m specifically talking about the burial at sea DLC that ties everything together : ) I’m not an experienced gamer but I’m an experienced reader and a story like that wouldn’t be able to be conveyed that well in a book or even a movie. It’s one I have to redo sometimes on my xbox because I like it so much : )

But when it comes to adventure games. I might have to pick The Dig because it’s a game my dad played when I was little and the music and art of that game to me is now part of my childhood : ) I liked the multiple endings of it, I just really like that game aha

The ending was saving Sophia or let her die if I remember correctly. Independent of the path chosen.

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I guess I’ll have to play all three paths again just to be sure (oh, the burden), but I’m pretty sure Sophia only dies if Indy dies. For any ending that can be counted as a victory, I’m almost 100% certain that Sophia lives. I could be wrong, but I’ll have to play one of my favorite adventure games to find out.

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There were several. Beside the already mentioned MI2 there was “The Whispered World”: A long time I thought: “What the hell is this game about?” and then there was this brilliant, sad and hopeful ending.

Well, for me it was foreseeable :slight_smile: But it was a good ending indeed.

The Last of Us.

Yes, anachronistic objects and other elements were present in MI1 as well but in MI2 they were used even more frequently, because the story was slowly converging to a different reality. The player can realize it only if he analyzes what he saw during the gameplay.

After developing MI1, Ron himself made clear that the anachronistic objects were introduced not just for fun but because they were linked to a more deep explanation of the story, that might have been clarified in a sequel.

Not only I think that he’s not regretting that ending but I’m also sure that he would like to surprise players even more in a theoretical “MI3a” sequel. :slight_smile:

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No I’m sure there are 2 distinct endings. I remember well at the very end on the submarine with Sophia or alone while final credits are rolling. There were multiple ways of making her not survive if I remember correctly.

Hmm… Reading up on it, apparently it all hinges on whether or not the player rescues Sophia when she’s imprisoned and possessed. That being the case, I can see why I never saw the ending where Indy is alone, because it never occurred to me to not rescue Sophia.

I have played and enjoyed that game and for sure I didn’t expect that ending.

Still, I have the impression that the kind of “trope” used in the ending of The Whispered World has become so much used by writers of books, movies and other artistic works that it’s starting to feel a bit ordinary to me.

This personal impression doesn’t make that ending bad, of course.

Yes, it was. But the part of the ending that I liked was not the one related to the “revelation” but the one in which the characters visit again the town to find it even emptier and Delores visits the almost soundless wireframe world to switch off the simulation. I felt the melancholy of that moment and I liked it.

I have that feeling with the 1984 like ending: It is used massively in other movies, books and games, for example in Beneath A Steel Sky and The Feeble Files, etc. (and partially in in TWP).

That wasn’t a big(!) surprise for me too, as the wireframe rooms were discussed in the blog before. But it made me smile - like some other things that were “taken” from the blog - for example that there are too much people in the phone book.

The one ending that has left a lasting impression on me was Memoria, as detailed elsewhere around here.

Monkey Island 2 certainly came over as a bit of a shock when I played it in my youth, though nowadays I quite appreciate it, and would really, really, really like to experience the final chapter of that story!

Other than those two, I have a hard time actually remembering the endings of most adventures I played. Sure, I still know the gist of the story, but I’d be hard pressed to give details. I’m usually quite happy to have reached the end, but often also a bit sad that I’m done with the game. The actual ending is mostly secondary at that moment, and at least for me not that important (and usually not that great).

I just played through all three paths of Fate of Atlantis. I can confirm that from the moment Indy arrives at Atlantis, the gameplay and possible endings are identical for all three paths. In fact, after completing all three paths, I looked at the official hint guide included in the GoG version, and it makes no distinction between the three paths when discussing the Atlantis section. As far as the hint guide is concerned, the arrival at Atlantis marks the conclusion of the three-paths section of the game.

However, from the point where Indy finds the Lost Dialog of Plato to the point where he arrives at Atlantis, the gameplay and story elements have notable differences between paths. Several of the same characters are still present, but the interactions with them and the associated plot points change considerably. I had forgotten just how different the paths really were, despite having many common elements. Even with no changes to the ending, it was definitely worthwhile to check out all three paths.

I made it a point to leave Sophia behind while I was playing through two of the paths, since I wanted to see if there was any difference between the two possible points of abandonment. Both variants result in an identical ending, but I liked how they incorporated her into the ending.

I stand corrected.

Monkey Island 2 ending was puzzling, but it made one think. A lot. So that was a good ending. Of course, it was a cliffhanger for the next MI from Mr. Gilbert, so it was a bit of a story cut short.

TWP ending is one of my favorites, since it compasses the whole (game) world. It’s surprising and might make one think about their own existence.

As much as I like the game (one of the best PNCs to my mind), Jason MacCracken’s ending was ok, but a bit of a letdown as it had really no special animations, closeups or anything to reward the player.

Well, the ending starts when both switches are on. You see the animation of the pyramid, the mindbender machine braking. It was natural.
And the happy epilogue of that story.

Maniac Mansion had multiple good endings with a few animations.

Even Monkey Island has a few animations, but a memorable ending tagline.

What did you imagine as a good satisfactory ending for Zak McKracken with a C in the middle?

Hey, don’t change the subject! We’re talking about JASON McKracken here.

Thanks! I like you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All three of Telltale’s Sam and Max seasons have superb endings. And the ending to Broken Age makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.