A game reference to real item

Its regarding the item CAT5-o’-Nine-Tail whip in Chucks workshop

When investigating this item on my second playthrough I am lead to a Internet page that is only in german, I am semi-ok with german, but did not attempt to translate the page as my german is not that good. Cool that it exist, but does it contain any hints?

I found the item on the website mentioned in the game, and its real, there is a story attached to it, and it seems to only be in german. Does it give any hints to the in-game puzzles or is it perhaps just product placement?

The first page is https://www.getdigital.eu/LART-Network-Whip-CAT5-o-Nine-Tails.html
From that page is a link to the second page in only german, it is here: https://www.getdigital.de/blog/?p=3591&_ga=2.258379530.1844176796.1498982135-825660414.1498982135

Oh wow, now I get that! I didn´t know that was supposed to be a whip made of LAN cables! I actually really thought that Chuck had an ancient torture device in lying around in his office! Given how vicious that guy is, that didn´t seem too far fetched.

Anyway if you want to save some time, the whip is a red herring that is of no use for advancing in the game.

[quote=“milanfahrnholz, post:2, topic:938”]
I didn´t know that was supposed to be !
[/quote]I found it pretty obvious what it was, but I had no idea that you can actually buy one.

That’s a backer item; not all of them have a purpose. I think you could consider that item a kind of product placement.

You can get a partial list of the backer items in this comment of Nor Treblig on the development blog and to get an idea of what the other backer items might be, you can read “Useless” items in the inventory.

I thought I make a separate topic to list all those items:

Btw. I also remember a discussion about this specific item which was claimed to be used “back in the days” when there was no CAT5 around… (1987 what have been OK-ish, but not so much earlier) :slight_smile:

A cat-o’-nine-tails is a torture device, a kind of whip with 9 strips of leather, and either knots or pieces of glass/obsidian on their ends.

A CAT-5 is a type of Ethernet cable for local area networks.

The item in the game is a joke of juxtaposing both with a clever portmanteau, although I think the joke already existed amongst system administrators (or more appropriate, BofH) for some time.


Yes, the whip is an “old” joke. Gedigital offers this “gadget” since several years. And yes, it’s real. You can buy it. :slight_smile: