List of Backer Items

Continuing the discussion from "Useless" items in the inventory:

I just list all those backer items here to have them in one place:

  • animal paperweight (a small, wooden figure with “Matt” carved into the base)
  • anti-itch cream (Kauzlaric’s Patented Anti-Itch Medicine; Clayton Kauzlaric)
  • CAT5-o’-9-Tails whip (CAT5-o’-9-Tails produced by
  • Eric’s Eye Magic (a bottle of Eric’s Eye Magic special drops)
  • HaoLinKinYao Tea (HaoLinKinYao Tea, A magical tea. Gives you the gift of speaking many languages)
  • hot sauce (Flask of Extreme Chili Sauce by Brian H.J.)
  • Levo’s Bear Repellent (Henri Levo)
  • Lurleen the Chinchilla (‘It’s Lurleen, my pet chinchilla stuffy.’)
  • math trophy (‘It’s the math trophy I won when I was 12 and attending a summer program at Thomas Bodenmann’s School of Mathematics. It’s made out of solid pewter except for the infinity symbol which is pure titanium.’)
  • Philipp’s Dangerous Dövice
  • Sepp the Navigator’s head
  • Silbury hacker boot disk
  • snake in a box (Mort You-Eye’s ‘More-Toys’ prank jack-in-the-box)
  • Starship Isabella in a bottle
  • Susiboy’s red gel decoder
  • tuna can (Crockford’s Tuna Heads - the good parts)

There are 16 backer items in total imagined by Kickstarter backers:

[quote]We’ll name the brand of one of the inventory items in the game after you and also create an artistic product logo for it (subject to our approval).
For example: “Paul Tyma’s Floor Wax and Rat Poison - Cleans your Floors Shiny Bright and Kills Your Rats Shiny Dead”[/quote]

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Okay, let´s check which of those are not useless (hope I got it all right)

Using this grants you an achievement

Needed to solve a puzzle in hard mode

Needed to solve a puzzle in hard mode, can be used for getting an achievement

Using this correctly grants you an achievement

Needed to solve a puzzle in both modes

Needed to solve puzzle, at least on your first playthrough

i.e. useless?

It’s more of an optional hint I’d say, this puzzle can be solved quite easily without this hint by brute forcing (but I’ve never okay it that way, is the dialog option always present? Maybe not.).

Those are also special (e.g. special animations and dialog for different characters):

  • Eric’s Eye Magic (I’ve seen an achievement)
  • HaoLinKinYao Tea (no achievement?)
  • (Levo’s Bear Repellent)
  • Philipp’s Dangerous Dövice (this item is a game changer!)
  • snake in a box (small animation in inventory only)

Totally, if you play on GOG, yes!

Oh, I don´t know that. If it´s not that would make using the decoder at least once mandatory.

Oh yes, I forgot that. You gotta use that on 4 of the characters once and then again on one of the four on a second playthrough to make that work (there is no way to make Franklin cry).

Walking through the woods with this in your posession makes the random backround growls stop.

Oh, yes and I forgot that this also grants you an achievement.

I wouldn’t consider Steam achievements that useful either :wink:
But I’ve got at least two: “Part 8” and “Dust Hoarder”, just to skew the statistics.

Is there really no achievement for HaoLinKinYao Tea?

Exactly. I put it in parenthesis since there isn’t really much to it (no special animation; it actually removes something from the game :slight_smile:)

In my first playthrough, I completely forgot to have the red gel decoder and I “decoded” the text using GIMP. A few second later I realized that I had the red gel decoder in the inventory.



Wow, just wow! I don´t know on what level I´m impressed, but I´m impressed.

+1 for manually decoding it, -1 for not remembering a couple of inventory items :slight_smile:

I was lazy and looked it up: Yes, you need to decode it to have those two dialog options.

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And that’s nothing. Wait for me revealing to you that my color blindness lets me read that text without processing it in any way.

My memory sucks, especially if many days have passed since the previous session.

At least within that particular context that sounds like some xray eyes superpower right there!

Does my avatar look greyish to you, then?

No. But that’s because I was joking when I said that I’m colorblind.

Anyway, you avatar would appear greyish only to someone suffering of monochromacy, which is quite rare. The most common kinds of color blindness are caused by a lack of some of the red and green cones, meaning that these people do see colors, just not the colors that we see.

Someone with a lack of red cones would see your avatar greenish, for example.

Yes the unability to distinguish between red and green is the most common form. I´ve seen some graphs on the internet that have an option to change to a “colorblind” setting which changes red-green to magenta-cyan which seems to be a combination everybody is able to perceive.