A place to hawk your own wares (adventure game what you gone done made)

In my time, I have attempted to create a few adventure games. I’m curious; has anyone else?

I made a background for a potential Monkey Island fan game but abandoned the project eventually…

Not too proud of that. The garish colours and composition are all wrong. I would do it better these days (I made that well over a decade ago).

Much more recently, I have made a background for an adventure game which I hope to complete someday (titled ‘Redgrave’)…

I did start making an adventure game a decade ago, titled ‘A Knight’s Journey’. Sadly, I had the most up to date version stored on a USB stick and it was in my rucksack and someone stole it from a bar I went to. Awful stuff. The only version I have left is very old (not even any puzzles and temp art) but it gives an idea of what I was working on, before some thief stole my project…


I sometimes consider what the thief thought of that game, when he/she put the USB stick in their computer. It was a lot further along than the version above. I hope the %£!* enjoyed it. Thieving *&$%!

Please share your self-made adventure games, folks! I’d love to see them!


Oh, yes.

I’m kinda addicted to adventure game jams, in fact I’m preparing for AdvJam2022 which starts in less than 3 days. Meanwhile I’m also working on the full version of The Will of Arthur Flabbington, which I published as a demo for AdvXJam in November.

Also, there’s Guga's Adventure Game Thread where I usually dump my progress :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course. But less so with graphics. Think more DOS Batch text adventure, something like this.


Never made an adventure game, but (as part of a collaborative effort) an RPG without RPG mechanics, meaning it basically is a dialogue-based adventure. No pointing & clicking, though.

I think I mentioned it elsewhere around here, but to spare you from searching:

Or if you’re on Debian/Ubuntu, just do

sudo apt-get install adonthell-data

Mind you, that released in 2003, and it certainly looks the part :slight_smile:.


I am, and I didn’t know. :slight_smile:

I’ve played this game but I didn’t knew that @kaiman did it. :open_mouth:

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It really was a team effort, so I cannot really claim I did it. In fact, the credits lists about 34 individuals. Still, I am certainly proud of what we achieved :slight_smile:. Might also explain why I have a soft spot for games like Ara Fell or Rise of the Third Power.

If you’re curious, I’ve written a bit of a retrospective as part of the game’s manual: http://mirror.easyname.at/nongnu/adonthell/wastesedge-0.3.7-manual.pdf (starting on page 11)


I’ve been working on a Noir C64-Style point-and-click adventure game for a while named “A Dead Man Saw a Tragedy” :slightly_smiling_face: (its not about zombies or something like that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) maybe it will be released this year or maybe next year, it all depends on the repair of my PC, which has recently crashed.

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