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Guga's Adventure Game Thread

Following @seguso’s steps, I enrolled an adventure game themed game jam.

I have 10 days to finish my game. I already have my story ready and some puzzles, but I’m still not satisfied, so I’m currently drawing the things I know I’ll need for the game.

Maybe I should just give up and accept the fact that 14 days aren’t enough to make a good game, so I’ll have to accept that my poorly designed puzzles won’t get any better :man_shrugging: but let’s see.

But I’m happy with my character design :stuck_out_tongue:


Respect… In 14 days I would only design 3 puzzles are 3 dialogs… I’ve no idea how you can make it :slight_smile:

I suggest doing only 2 or 3 puzzles, but good ones. With a lot of legs that are sawed off for no reason…

Oh hey, it’s the sequel to Kill Yourself:
:skull: Kill Everyone :skull:


Well, the plot is that you died while going to a halloween party and when you wake up dead you think you’re still alive and everyone’s just dressed up as a ghost. So you try to get “back home”, which gets interpreted as “get back to the land of the living”, but of course it’s not that easy

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Please make the eyes glow… Pretty please…


They will, but it will be the “talk” animation :smile:


Is this based on a real-life story? :slight_smile:



That’s brilliant. As a nitpicker, I’d suggest to slow down the waving of the robe. Anyway I love the character

Aren’t those squid tentacles? :smile:

Perhaps not moving all of them together might help to create more of a direction the wind is billowing the robe?


He’s walking. Those are his legs.

He’ll be floating.

I spent way too much time on this, I need to find a way of recycling the Death as a character in the rest of the game.


Change the story so that the player is (the) Death? :wink:

Death says he’s been doing this job for a 100 million years, why don’t you give it a try for a couple of weeks while he takes a vacation.


The more I design the game, the more I think @seguso’s interface is genius.

You can make abstract puzzles, focusing on why things work, and not how.

For example, in the second roadblock, you need a halo to symbolize that you left your unfinished business behind. You see the guy with a halo pass on and that’s a hint. In a non-scumm interface, the puzzle is “understand that you need a halo”. With my usual point & click, I can’t specify something like that, so “get a halo” is clear, and the puzzle is how to fabricate a halo. And this makes things harder.

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Yes, my mom always says so :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve come to the conclusion that the interesting puzzles are “understand that you can use [object] in order to [objective]”, and this is impossible or incredibly cumbersome with traditional UIs . And you end up making the protagonist understand that automatically, and only focusing on HOW to take the object. But that’s a different puzzle, and a much less interesting one. The interesting one could not be expressed and you had to make it solved automatically. This is especially true of “disguising” puzzles.

Who wants to play the first part?

It’s just three rooms, basically only one puzzle.
I have 7 days to finish part 2. I can make it, but I probably won’t. Anyway I’m having fun and that’s the most important part.


trying right now :slight_smile:

First impression after 1 minute: 1) it’s funny! 2) why no punctuation?

I tend to put full stops only when sentences need to sound harsh.

And also because I didn’t proofread it :stuck_out_tongue:

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