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Post fan art here. If it’s not your own fan art, you must include a link back to the original art/artist.


One of the great scenes in TWP pixeled in actual C64 restrictions by Oliver ‘veto’ Lindau and running on that wonderful 8 bit machine. With some music cover captured from the real thing here as well:

(for technical aspects, it uses two charsets split midscreen and sprites for the items)


Hello @enthusi , what a beautiful result! :heart_eyes:

Was the pixel art created directly on a C64?

Why don’t you post this in a brand new topic under the “Fan Art” category?

I think that it deserves its own topic, instead of appearing just as a reply to this generic “About the Fan Art category” thread.


Thank you! I just did that. Maybe I got the concept of this topic wrong.
If anyone minds this post in here, maybe someone can remove it.