New non-pixely Delores by Octavi Navarro

It’s a pleasure to see @OctaviNavarro drawing also non-pixel-art pictures, he’s really very talented and Delores is one of my favorite characters. :slight_smile:

Two links:

  1. Source of the drawing.
  2. Octavi’s pixel-art creations.


It reminds me a bit of the Maniac Mansion box art!

I really need glasses…

I have seen one Delores with a paint roller in her hands…

… but it’s a tube instead!! :sweat_smile:


Ahah that’s exactly what I saw at first sight! I had to carefully look at it to distinguish the tube! She seemed to be painting the night sky!

Anyway nice art!

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Incredibile, pure io, la prima impressione che ho avuto, anche perchè sembra stia dipingendo il cielo! ahah :rofl:

Me too, my first impression was that she’s painting the sky with a paint roller!

I have seen this on Twitter, very nice indeed!

But the Fan Art category sounds wrong to me :slight_smile:

He emulates Mark Ferrari’s art style perfectly in the game. But when I saw the paintings in the Mansion Mansion, I knew that it was pure Octavi Navarro.

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Do former team members become fan? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I don’t perceive “fan art” as “amateur art” but as “unofficial art / art made by fans”, regardless of its quality. But feel free to move the thread wherever you think it’s more appropriate. :slight_smile:

Yes, and it happened to me also when I saw the hotel fountain. The almost geometric shapes that the thin streams of water follow when they go down immediately reminded me of his style.

He was part of the creation process so he better is a fan or something went wrong.

But I wouldn’t say he is a fan in what most people would consider fan :slight_smile:
No need to move though. Or should we request a … post-concept-art category? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, why not. We’ll move there Emily’s cross-stitches as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

(BTW, she just published a Franklin cross-stitch)

Me too! Some of them actually could very well be added as explorers to The Curious Expedition !

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments!! It was really fun to stay away from pixel art just for a few hours :slight_smile:

Of course we do! :smiley: I’m a huge fan of this game and Delores!


It looks nice indeed!

If you consider the ending of the game it’s not illogical to see Delores painting the sky with a tube.