[Android] Fragment shader compilation failed when launching game

The game can’t start on my phone, when I launch it I get this error:

Fragment shader compilation failed.
ERROR: 0:41: ‘i_1’ : unexpected identifier
ERROR: 0:41: ‘>=’ : wrong operand types no
operation ‘>=’ exists that takes a left-hand
operand of type ‘float’ and a right operand of
type ‘const int’ (or there is no accep

My phone is a LG Nexus 5, running on Android 6.0.1.

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Looking into it.

We use Nexus 5’s during development and haven’t seen this issues. Is there anything custom with the OS? Also, if you can run this…


…and let us know what it says about the hardware.

I figured out what caused this error. It was GLTools (app that lets you change graphical settings in all games like render resolution, texture size, etc.) - all I had to do was to uncheck the “Optimize GLSL shaders” option in GLTools. I feel so stupid! Well, I hope this will help anyone else who has this issue. Thank you for looking into this.

Thanks. We’ll add this to our list of support answers. Don’t feel stupid, I’ve done far worse. :slight_smile:

What does this app do?
I mean, you need it to adjust or improve something related to the graphics of your other apps?

Yeah. It lets me change the render resolution, texture size, force antialiasing, show FPS or even use fake hardware data (for example, I have a Nexus 5 and I can trick games into thinking that I have 4GB of RAM or that I have a Nvidia Shield GPU). Quite useful, but requires root access.

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