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I love it because that kind of joke where someone gets all worked about about an imaginary situation he himself created reminds me of this scene from Duck Soup

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Yes, that worked out better than expected. There wasn’t much I needed to do specifically to get that, other than just properly connecting the RadioStudio layers with alpha transparency (included in the PNG files). So I put down the background layer first, then the speakers, than the foreground, which includes the transparent window glass which has the light rays painted with transparency in the same image as the glass, so it gives the effect of lighting, essentially “for free”.

That all said, I think I need to make some changes in that area, since it isn’t practical to position each speaker under the fixed position lighting. I might need to alter the window layer to remove the lighting, and use the standalone ‘light cone’ sprite on the same RadioStudio sprite sheet to get the same type of affect, but where I can position it directly above wherever I need to place the speaker.

There was some earlier discussion on this from @Gffp :

I think this could be done with the changes I mentioned above - I’m going to look into it as one of the changes for the next version.

Hmm… As long as I can find a font on my system (or install one) that seems to match, it should be fairly easy just to change the font I am rendering. I think I remember that TWP has two types of fonts, a “retro” font, and a more modern font. Which were you thinking of?

Yeah, that was kind of fun to add. I thought of it when I realized if I showed the whole room in a standard HD resolution, the speakers (meaning, Ron et al, not “acoustic speakers”, which are in a layer of the room I haven’t added yet ) were going to be too small, so I scaled the room to fill the vertical dimension, instead of the horizontal (and scaled the speaker sprites accordingly). Then I needed to focus on the right side of the room, but since the easiest way to do that is just to position the room with a negative offset, it was just easy to place the speakers relative to the room, and just move the whole room offset around, which made the initial panning quite easy to do. I tweaked the panning speed so the speakers start talking before the panning is finished as well, which I think was a small improvement.

Either would be fine I guess. It just the way it is now (looking almost exactly like the game but not quite), feels some sort of uncannyvalleyish. With text like in the game it would be perfect! :+1:

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Ah ha! I found a post in this forum which answers my next question…


“heavily modified in photoshop”, hmmm…

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:disappointed_relieved: Gffp is missing since Nov 21.
We lost contact with him.
He disappeared without notice. Suddenly.

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I’ll try an experiment so we can see how they look (unmodified).

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Only just over a week. Maybe just busy (or went on vacation!)- hopefully he’ll be joining the conversation again soon!

Nice. I don’t think I’ve ever watched that one - but it looks like great political satire. I’ll try to watch this weekend.

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I posted a picture of the classic mirror scene a while ago here. It´s a classic everyone should have seen. I envy you for being able to see it for the first time!

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Can’t you extract the fonts from the game data? AFAIK they are just bitmaps. Maybe @RonGilbert can help? If not: Use a C64 font. You can find them on the internet, for example here or here. They look like the “Retro” font in TWP.

Well, @RonGilbert hasn’t used Twitter for a week too (last vital sign was on Nov 25). Maybe there is something strange going on…? (All users of this forum will be hijacked by hat and glasses wearing aliens?)

I hope it is as you say.
Gffp was in the Telegram group dedicated to the Italian TWP dubbing.
He made his Ransome sentences just in time for the lookalike contest demo video, then his Telegram username has changed to “DELETED”.
In other words, he (or somebody else) has voluntary deleted his Telegram account.
We don’t know Gffp’s real name, we have no other contacts except the blog or this forum.
Even if he was kidnapped by some aliens (to think positive), why would he delete his account?
This story is starting to be creepy…

Again: he won the lottery and he cut all bridges with his past because he feared we wanted some of his fortune :smiley:

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My theory is that we got a new moderator because he wants to reduce his activity on the forum, too (which he already has).

No, I’m just on vacation in Wyoming.


Oh, I didn’t knew that the aliens have an outpost in Wyoming!

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Mind you I wouldn´t hold it against you when you need a break from us weirdos. Have a good one!

Sure, haven´t you seen cowboys an aliens?

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I disappeared from that forum too, and nobody cared LOL
I actually apologized for that - I just thought this forum was a more complete experience and migrated here.

Curious what happened to him, though.