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Yes, I had already located both the C64 font and the Karma Suture font and have been trying them out. Karma Suture looks like it might be a good match unmodified, though I can probably guess why they modified it, it doesn’t scale up very well. If I pick just the right scale/color combinations I think it looks pretty good. I’ll send an updated demo out soon. If needed, I could maybe get an altered font file from Ron, but I don’t like to bug him for stuff until we’ve had a chance to explore the options better. Plus, what they have probably isn’t a standard TTF font file any longer, and it might be hard to use, as I’m not a font expert.


Then try the C64 font. I’ve used it in a project where the result was printed - and it scaled very good.

AFAIK the fonts are bitmaps. So you can use them similar to a spritesheet.But of course it should be easier to use a TTF font in Python. :slight_smile:

/edit: btw: Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:


Unmapped, irregularly packed, spritesheets are the bane of my existence right now. :slight_smile: Pulling the start position and size, and properly positioning layers on the background are very manual and time consuming tasks. I’ve searched high and low and have not found a good program to do this automatically (there’s one to do it more semi-manually, which I am starting to use, here). There are good programs to auto-extract sprites (which I’ve been using), but I want to leave the sprites in the spritesheet and get get their coordinates and sizes - as this would make the code easier to manage. When it comes to text management, I certainly would prefer to use the existing font handling in the pygame tool, and not try to deal with characters as sprites! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: (I guess Discourse must advertise this somehow - it’s tomorrow).


Yes, I would do the same. :slight_smile: Printing text on the screen isn’t a trivial task. But the “retro font” should be a proportional font, so all characters should have the same width and height. This makes the layout a little bit easier. :slight_smile: Aren’t there any libraries that could help you?

But the use of a similar font should be OK (and I bet no one will notice the difference :wink: ).

Look beside your name - there is a cake. :wink:


Not for me. Are you in a time zone perhaps 9 hours ahead of me, and it’s December 2 where you are?


I’m using the python pygame library which has a Font package that’s pretty well featured.

(Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a full featured SpriteSheet package. Perhaps I will end up writing one for them…)


Yes, it’s 45 minutes after midnight in Germany. So I am able to celebrate your birthday, while you have to wait? :wink:


I would first try one of the TTF fonts. :slight_smile:


Of course… :slight_smile:
I meant for the spritesheets I’m using for the speakers (Ron, Gary, David), and for the RadioStudio.


Happy Birthday @besmaller!

I did not submit my birthdate to discourse (I think it was optional) so no one will ever know…


Happy Unbirthday, then, @milanfahrnholz.
Today is my unbirthday too! What are the odds!
(:robot: : “99.45%”)


363 to 1 or 364 to 1 on leap years.


The moment after you quitted I was asking why.
But you decided to quit, that’s OK.
Gffp has suddenly DELETED his Telegram account.
That’s the big difference.

At that time, we were mostly chatting.
I could understand you, we were doing absolutely nothing constructive.
Now, we are dubbing, we have roles to assign to, and so on.
Feel free to join us again anytime, we are awaiting for you with open arms


Happy birthday @besmaller!

Happy non-birthday, @milanfahrnholz!


Happy birthday to @besmaller, happy unbirthday to everyone else, happy coming back to @Stefano (did you take a look at the Italian dub we produced last week?) and happy who knows what to @Gffp, whose sudden Telegram account deletion still makes me worry. We need our Ransome!


What? :open_mouth:

If you need a Ransome with a heavy German accent… :wink:


So far more people have gratulated me to my non birthday than they will ever for my actual birthday.

I hope you guys realise that you have to do that now everyday until march when it is my real birthday.

Oh damnit…


Well, we need a Boris with a heavy german accent.


OK, but you must warn you in which day of March to stop!