Best image colour quantizer

It probably matters not to most people any more, unless you’re planning to make an animated GIF, or like me you like to minimise your file sizes to the extreme. But, to this date I still use xPadie Pro to quantise colour to 256 or lower. It’s one of the oldest programs I have that I still use. Does anyone else know of a better program? And before you say you do, download xPadie Pro and try it.

I’ve uploaded it here (all THREE versions that I have - Padie, xPadie, and xPadie Pro LOL):

xPadie source code is included. The homepage is here:

The Padie homepage is here:

Amazingly never got the memo that GeoCities was closed! It only supports bitmap files, so you may like to use my IrfanView shell extension to convert back and forth between file formats - I’ve just updated it and uploaded the VB Script code to the Irfanview Forums here:

Or if you’re lazy you can download it directly here:

Anyway, if there’s a better program please let me know about it.