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Complete list of Thimbleweed type games (only 20)


For German fans, there are some more.
There is Mission Supernova and Andromedas Erbe:

And there is Maniac Mansion Mania, an episodic series around the Maniac Mansion universe. A few episodes also got English translation, but most don’t unfortunately.

Another great German fan game which also got an English translation with full voice acting: Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space


[quote=“toVerbOrNot, post:1, topic:943”]
And I am thinking about adding a 4th: Must be published for sale. So the list don’t get filled with tons of half finished games somebody made as a hobby.
[/quote]Why not just make the requirement “Must be published in a complete state and without serious bugs.” then?


Yes, every UI has pros and cons.
Verbs interfaces are more precise and therefore allow a wider variety of actions while being clearly arranged - but they are also more complicated. A disadvantage of verbs interfaces is that the player may fail to select the right verb even if he has the correct solution of a puzzle in mind, just because the respective action is assigned to another verb. For example you have to “open” a door and then “walk to” it in order to get through it, but you only try to “use” the door, so you get stuck. Actually, both verbs ought to do the trick. The developer has to take such cases into account.

In my opinion, it’s better to use only one clickable area for each object, because the player would first have to notice that there are more than one area on an object and that he can move it to different directions by “using” either one side or the other.


I just noticed that only the English version of Bud Tucker in Double Trouble seems to have verbs. The translated versions seem to have icons instead, because the verbs are graphics and icons don’t need to be translated.


Does not meet requirements.

Chronicles of Innsmouth added.
Mission Supernova and Andromedas Erbe added
Maniac Mansion Mania added.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Why not just make the requirement “Must be published in a complete state and without serious bugs.” then?

I have now started a second list with unpublished games. Its just below the top one.


Are you sure, I thought it does?


Yeah, I have actually played it. You right-click with mouse and 1-6 options pop up and you can choose which one you want to apply.


I just checked: There are two versions and the Director’s Cut uses another interface:


You are right, I only played the directors cut. Added.


[quote=“Nor_Treblig, post:28, topic:943”]
I just checked: There are two versions and the Director’s Cut uses another interface
[/quote]I forgot about that. Indeed. The main difference is that the director’s cut is made for 16:9 screens while the original is a 4:3 game. I guess, they changed the interface to avoid too much reframing. Unfortunately, English is only available in the Director’s Cut.


How do you define “published”? Mission Supernova and Andromedas Erbe were available to purchase via mail order only, which was very common with shareware at the time.

And Maniac Mansion Mania has far more then 10 episodes, ie. 95 by now. Plus the Maniac Dungeon spin off and a lot of special episodes.


I guess I spent too little time researching those games then.

Hmm, I’m actually not sure. I kinda was looking for a term that defines games that have been sold I think. The idea is that there are probably a ton of games that people have made in their basement with a playtime of maybe an hour or maybe less, and probably not polished and playtested, maybe had QA review, so its not riddled with bugs. That kinda thing.

Okay, I think you make a fair point though, I will just put em all into the same list.


Dark Half. I haven’t played it as I’ve heard it’s weak but it fits the description.


Nice, added.

The list has become much longer than I thought.


That also implies that verb interfaces require more attention and time from a development point of view, because the developers have to think all the possible combinations that make sense or that have the same meaning.

I like verbs, but only when retrogaming or only for nostalgic reasons. From a usability point of view, I prefer “coins”.


@toVerbOrNot : “The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes” is a series of two adventure games developed by Electronic Arts. The first game of the series is “The Case of the Serrated Scalpel” and it uses a verb interface as shown in these screenshots.


@toVerbOrNot: I would also have a look at this old thread on, in which they talk about the adventure games developed in the nineties by Legend Entertainment.

Many of them have verbs.


The Case of the Serrated Scalpel added.

Ok, will take a look.


I don’t think this was the purpose of this list. Legend made 1st person games, they are cool and certainly 100% adventure (unlike say Myst), but there’s no character walking.


That’s possible. I suggested Legend’s games because the requirements of the list don’t mention anything about first-person or third-person games.

Legend’s games fit in the current criteria but if the original poster wanted to exclude first-person games, this new requirement should be added explicitly to the list, in my opinion.