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Disney is open to indie devs using its IPs

That was the first film I’ve ever seen in cinema. Didn’t even know that it was made by Disney. But by that time I already knew the books, so it had been double exciting. Can’t remember if they sang, but now I cannot imagine that they didn’t. Guess as a kid I might have actually enjoyed it if they did.

Guys, this is all lie.
Lucasfilm / Disney will NEVER pass any IPs to anyone / any indie, that doesnt make a millions $ and have lawyers etc. Its a joke.
Even those who already proved, that can make an adventure games has no chance to deal with this corporation full of AHs and stubborn employees.
I seen it. Just forget this silly rumor.
This is what happens: There is a bizdev guy sitting on his butt and waiting for your email asking about IP. What happens next takes a 30s :blush: this devbiz guy sent his email back to you with a rejection to obtain the IP, ANY IP you will ask for w/o any explanation.

Check out the Amiga version, the playground was different there, much better. Not to mention it’s awesome how Donald’s town looks a lot like Lost Wages city in the original version of LSL1 : ). Imagine this crossover, LOL.
I used to play DD on C-64 a lot as a kid, but damn, it was just a pointless game and I thought I was missing something.

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Yeah, it could be like that, but on the other hand Tim Shaffer did get to remaster his games for Disney, so it probably depends on who you are and what have you done so far. You’d also think they have some reason for this lie, which is the most puzzling thing. It’s not like Disney needs publicity among indie devs to announce something like that for no reason. So I see this could be a possibility for something done by indie dev if they have a groundbreaking idea, which may be something they’re fishing for. The adventure games as we love them, seem very unlikely in this scenario.

Exactly that one!

Wow. I played a lot of Donald Duck Playground on my C64. Way more than Ducktales, which I got later.

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I will stop you now! NOPE, he didn’t get it! He tried, but Disney said no. He had to ask Sony to step forward to get it from Disney and Sony transferred it to Schafer.

Same here! :smiley:

You could be right - or not: Disney is a company. They would like to make money. So if a developer is able to make a game according to their guidelines, then they would work together with indie studios IMHO.

For example if Ron would tell them: I can make X million dollar if you license your IP to me, I will follow your (story) guidelines, my studio is able to produce the game in high quality for some peanuts and Disney would believe this all, then I am very sure that Disney would agree.

then he’ll only get to make Disney’s version of MI3a.

And the secret will be a Mickey Mouse-shaped Easter egg


All Disney IPs have a potential value (don’t ask me what they are, I don’t know). If they hand an IP to an indie dev, the chances are that the outcome will devalue the IP. Even if the income would be positive, the IP might be devalued. They will not take the risk. If EA would like to do a new Zak McKracken adventure, there would be serious discussions about all things related to creatives, the risks, the audiences, the dividends, the rights, the marketing, the team, etc. And only if all will align, and Disney would be sure the IP will not be devalued with the collaboration, the planning stage would begin.


Yeah, but it was one of the first games I ever played on a computer so I didn´t really have a lot of reference. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also the music is catchy as hell, just mentioning it gets it stuck in my head again.


So is anybody gonna talk about the new Bethesda developed Indiana Jones game? Sure it´s not gonna be a point&click but it may be better than the Tomb Raider rip offs of the late 90s and early noughts in the hands of the Fallout/Elder Scrolls people.

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But let’s be honest here: IPs like Monkey Island and Zak McKracken are sadly of a pretty low value to begin with. I doubt an IP like Monkey Island would lose value if handed to Ron, for the mere fact that the only market for the Monkey Island IP is… fans of Ron.

So of course you won’t see any indie Star Wars titles, but the more obscure IPs - and sadly I think the old Lucas adventure games fall in this category - may have a chance.


Yeah, but first off it sounds in that article like there was no creative freedom for that developer since they stress strongly on “working together” which is something that Ron wouldn´t do.

And then it´s something they at the end of the day would want to profit from via licensing and that´s the point where they again say “monkey who?”

And they don´t really care about the popularity of something that people only know in europe. Now if suddenly Monkey Island for some reason became hugely popular in CHINA*…

*not gonna happen because GHOSTS!"


Am I the only one to believe that Mr. Gilbert may have no more interest in making the Monkey Island 3a, if he could?

Reading his past messages on this subject, I feel it’s a closed chapter.


No, you´re not.

And even if he did it wouldn´t be the same. It´s the same reason the Star Wars Prequels aren´t as good as the first one. George Lucas wasn´t the same person in the late 90s as he was in the mid 70s. He was far from being in that same frame of mind.

Same goes for Ron Gilbert if he did a follow up in the 2020s it would be nowhere near to what it would have been like had he done it in the 1990s. He is not in the same place anymore as he was then. Not as a person, not as a creative mind. I don´t even think his heart would be in it as much.

Because, was it even in the 90s? He often stated the reason he quit Lucasfilm after Monkey Island 2 was frustration over the games being outsold by Sierra in the US and him developing an interest of creating games designed chiefly for very small children. Doesn´t sound like the frame of mind of a person who really wants to get through with his creative vision of a specific franchise and story. If he had wanted it then he could have done it. I´m guessing he was burned out with the pirate adventure even then. He may have come to regret that decision in the years since, but that doesn´t mean the result of what he´d do now would be anything near what he could expect of himself (let alone we, the fans with our unrealistic high expactions at this point).

So, if you ask me. I hope he never does that. I hope he moves on, I actually wish he´d tell fans more often to move on. Because we should. We should be excited for new creations. In an age of sequels, remakes and reboots we should be thankful for any new IP. So I´d rather have him make something new than trying to tamper with a legacy, we know this very rarely ends well.

Well, unless he makes that game where Guybrush is a literal banana. I´d buy that for a dollar!


That doesn’t have to a be a bad thing. A bigger problem are the expectations of the fans, IMHO. So a new Monkey Island would be disappointing – regardless how good it is.


That’s something I asked myself too: If I really want to do a (planned!) third part, why not staying for that one project? And not to forget …

… he could just develop a Monkey Island 3 with renamed characters, if he really would like to bring the story to an end.

I would pay 20. :wink:


I think that the TWP ending is actually this.

I don’t actually want a MI3a now, it’s more of a recurring joke, what I actually want is a fucking time machine to have MI3a done when it made sense.

That being said… well, as much as I dislike sequels in general (and I’m happy Pixar started making original stories again instead of another Monsters or Toy Story movie), I’d rather have new adventure games than sequels. Zak McKracken is a great game, do we really need a second installment?


Yes! That is what I was trying to say above. I don´t want Monkey Island 3a (disregarding the wonderful game that the actual Monkey Island 3 STILL is, even if it´s different) I want “Monkey Island 3 - Revenge Of The Cannibals (1992)”!

Oh please no! The 80s are over! Or more so the 70s where Zak is even more in the Zeitgeist of.
Back then all those new age ideas were cute and fun to think about.
Today with flat earthers, chemtrail nuts and all sorts of new age concpiracy theorist leaning far more towards the political right these days, I don´t want a game, even a fantasy game trying to play on these things anymore.
Maybe something that confirms the opposite, but not something giving some of these ideas more of an airing than they should have in the 2020s.
Zak is very much of its time when things like that were fun to think about. Today it´s actually a bit scary just how serious some people take this new age stuff (homeopathy etc.) so I don´t want anything promoting that.
It´s also why the new X-Files felt so sad when they tried to tackle these new themes. Times have changed. Conspiracies aren´t as fun anymore and in the hands of far more sinister people. So leave Zak in the 80s where he belongs.


Seems so:

Zak is a parody of these things. And I don’t think that a good parody would promote these things.


No, it seems pretty clear-cut.

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