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Petition: Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert

1.873 supporters already, 627 to go.



This would need at least 100 000 votes…and Disney / Lucasfilm wouldn’t care much neither… :frowning:

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I signed anyway. It’s criminal they have Ron’s baby and doing nothing with it.


Unfortunately it’s a futile fight. But we need to try nevertheless. Unless some of us have bottomless pockets. Like Guybrush.


Imagine you have a lot of money and inherit a house. Do you keep it and put it up for rent so you have a steady income for a few years or do you sell it immediatly for a lot of money now even though you´re not desperate for money at the moment?

Disney keep the house because it gives them steady money over time and they don´t need a lot of money right now.

There must be an amount of money that would convince Disney to sell. The question is how much.

I wonder if we could attract their attention with a kickstarter with conditional commitment, i.e. the money is transferred to Disney only after they sell the rights to Ron.

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I usually wonder what is, realistically, the limit to not infringing Disney’s IP but making Monkey Island 3a. I mean, if the game had a different name “Ape’s Isle” and the main characters were “Don” and “Helga”, but the story was the definitive closure to the MI world… would we really care?

its much more difficult with IPs … but look at the Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler from Lead Artist on MI3, Will Tiller. He is struggling to get the game sold and support the development.
He is basically using some ideas from Monkey Island 3, even some areas are very familiar from MI2.

I’ve decided that TP is the spiritual sequel to MI2, Delores the wannabe pirate, Reyes the governor, Chuck… uh… Le Chuck

If I was Ron, I would not dare to try. You know, if there was a pirate game from Ron called Ape’s Isle with Don and Helga that resemble Guybrush and Elaine, and the setting was close to Monkey Island, there could be THE Army of Disney’s Undead Lawyers (hey, a cool game title! Do a game, Ron!) who would sue your ass over infringing Disney’s IP. No matter if it was justified or not.

I haven’t played it. Can you recommend it?

MI2 says that Guybrush is Chuckies brother, which means that Lenore is Guybrush’s mother.

I can´t remember how many petitions I allready signed for that…

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But is he really his brother? I thought that was a dumb Star Wars joke (because that’s what LA does always, stick SW everywhere)

Chuck was the plant in all LucasArts games. :wink:

I signed. Hope springs eternal…

I wonder how Mr. Gilbert feels about this. On the one hand, he’s talked about it before, and I would surely love to see a “modern” sequel, like Thimbleweed Park.

On the other hand, if all of a sudden Disney gives is willing to hand over the intellectual property rights, it would put enormous pressure on Mr. Gilbert to deliver a Monkey Island game in short order.

So, Mr. Gilbert, do you endorse this petition? :slight_smile:


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The real question is, if the IPs would be really needed to make a 3rd Pirate title. Ron could rename guybrush cause he is married to elaine and took her name. And even the title could be different. In the end we all would know it is the 3rd part of the Gilbert trilogy.

Ron could rename guybrush cause he is married to elaine and took her name

He stated on multiple occasions that he would never have had Elaine marry Guybrush.

I think everyone was baffled by that marriage. I mean, Monkey Island 2 states quite clearly that Elaine hates Guybrush and his interest in her is doomed.

And then a third game comes and BAM, marriage. What?

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