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Disney is open to indie devs using its IPs

I wonder if this could be the opportunity window for Ron to make MI3a: The secret revealed, or your money back?


How about sequels to Maniac Mansion / DOTT, Zak, Loom, Full Throttle… As long as they got some of the original blood back, I’m all for it.

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But I don’t think that he designers are free to do what they want. Even if indie game developers are allowed to use the IP, Disney would have an eye on what they are doing. So I fear that it doesn’t help (at the moment) …

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So I can finally make that Simpsons point&click adventure game I’ve been dreaming of?



May I suggest “The Simpsons VS the Three Caballeros: X-Wing fight Challenge”? But please, make it an arcade.


Does everybody in Italy have a “Random IP Combining Generator” in their basement or something?!

And does Disney have one too?


Are they popular in Italy? That seems like some deep classic Disney lore. Although I suppose new Ducktales dug it up too.

Not quite, actually. My daughter loves that movie, though. Anyway, I just tried to pick up the three titles that looked the most striking with each other to me.

About “new ducktales”… Are there newer ducktales than the 90es ones?
Anyway I liked those, since I was a big Carl Barks fan as a kid. Too bad I was quite grown up when Ducktales came out

Yes, and they are a bit weird.

My cousin was 14 when they came out and he still enjoyed them a lot. Me being quite a bit younger it was just the right time and I loved the first season.

The Nintendo game is an absolute classic, as well!


The C64 game was great too, although I believe it was quite different from the NES one.



I meant mainly that it’s not something most people even know about. And I understand it’s not available on Disney+ to boot.

Yes, and they are a bit awesome.

Here’s a guy who’s very, very, very happy about the show. But I agree with the spirit of it. :wink:

I played that one on PC. Judging by the screenshot it’s the one where you go around photographing animals, platforming in jungles and stuff like that, right?


I don’t know if it’s the same as the C64 version, but I played that one and I loved it. Even if I always crashed my plane.

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I never heard about that! :exploding_head:

I think the only Disney / Duckburg game I played was Donald Duck´s Playground and that is one of the first video games I ever played!




Guess I need to check that Ducktales Game out on my “TheC64”!

I only been on Disney+ for two months last summer but I seem to remember it was on there. I also remember the trailer for it in front of other Disney cassettes I had as a kid.

Edit: Yeah the NES and C64 Ducktales are entirely different.


I became quite good at plane flying… eventually.

As we are off topic and on an adventure game forum, I would like to add “Mickey’s Space Adventure”. It was a Sierra game and made by Roberta Williams. It was available on several platforms - for example C64 and DOS. It has a simple point and click interface (but more like Labyrinth).

btw: Sierra developed several games for Disney, for example an adventure game for the movie “The Black Cauldron”.


Donald Duck´s Playground was also by Sierra (not sure who was the lead there, though.) But that was more of a simulation. And not a very difficult one either, as I found replaying it. None of the playtoys are very expensive and it doesn´t take very long before the playground is filled with them, rendering the game practically over. :sweat_smile:

Oh that´s right!

So…some people are apparently still clinging on to the thought that Ron Gilbert will ever make a Monkey Island 3a…huh?


Al Lowe

It was meant as a game for kids (same with Mickey’s Space Adventure, btw). But I’ve played it as a kid and haven’t found it difficult too at that time… :wink:

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Here’s a link to play the DOS version btw.


Uh-oh…there may be a missing link between that and his more famous game series, then!


Clearly, and I´m sure the emulated gameplay that was a lot faster had a lot to do with me “finishing it” in less than an hour on replay. Whereas back then I probably would have decided I had enough fun and would have gone on to do something else. :smile:

And the Amiga version looks really great!

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