Do you regularly play adventure games?

Yes, I do it regularly.

These are some new adventures I have played last years:
( Thimbleweed Park, of course ), Fran Bow, Dead Synchronicity, Stasys, Deponia 1, 2, 3, Machinarium, Samorost 3, Broken Age, The Last Season Chapter 1. But I always go back to playing the old adventures of Lucasarts cyclically, as well as other classic like: Broken Sword series, Toonstruck, Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2, Beneath a Steel Sky, Black Mirror series, Sanitarium, Syberia series, The Longest Journey, Larry 7, Runaway series and some more that I surely forget.


I have always been an adventure game player.
After Escape from Monkey Island and Tales from Monkey Island, even if my spare time was reduced to a couple of hours per day, I always loved to play some adventure games.

Anyway, to find a good game, compared to those ones in the '80s and '90s was hard.

When I purchased a Nintendo DS, I searched on the Nintendo website for games in the “Adventure” and “Puzzle” category. The first results in alphabetical order were Ace Attorney series.
The plot summary looked boring (“Trials? Law stuff? bleah…”)… but I decided to give it a try. Although Ace Attorney is more narrative compared to a classic point’n’click adventure, I loved it because of its humor, puzzles and characters characterization :grin:
Then, 2014 came. December. Kickstarter. Ron Gilbert. Gary Winnick. WOW.
The rest is history.

Back in the 90s, I used to prefer adventure games from Lucasfilm/LucasArts (well, most of them). Ever since I was disappointed by the GrimE games, I hardly played any adventure games after 2000. LucasArts were no longer developing adventure games, because the GrimE games sold bad and the whole adventure game genre was adjudged to be dead, back then.
I was still interested in adventure games, but I didn’t know a contemporary substitute for the SCUMM games. For this reason, I occasionally replayed the SCUMM games and hardly played anything else over all those years. So, when I read about TWP, I knew that I had been waiting for exactly this game. And, now that I have finished TWP, I still think so and I hope for more games by Terrible Toybox.

Like noted elsewhere around here, P&C adventures are one of only two genres of computer games I still enjoy these days. I would say I play them “regularly”, though I guess on average there is about one that catches my interest per quarter (if I am lucky), lasting me about 2 - 3 weeks.

I’m also in a similar boat.

My son loves Thimbleweed Park. He’s 8, and I wanted to hold off a while due to some of the PG-13 references in the game (mainly Ransome), but I finally let him play. He kept seeing it on my computer and asking questions, and now he loves it. Hopefully we won’t start saying things at school like :ransome: “This beeping class beeping sucks!”


iPhone and iPad lend themselves very well for point and click adventures. I have pretty much played all of the famous titles there, including the good versions of Monkey Island series.

About one every year or two.

Besides TWP I played The Book of Unwritten Tales and Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

And I backed System Shock remake to see if a modernized FPS can still do good puzzles.

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I kind of do constantly, I play MI (1,2&3), Sam & Max (hit the road), fate of Atlantis, Full Throttle and DOTT once every year.
This week I have been playing the Sam & Max series from Telltale again, and I might play all the other telltale adventures I own after that (never finished the walking dead nor back to the future :P).

Stopped playing Adventure Games (or any other games) after CMI (tried EMI and skipped it after 15 Minutes). Then TWP of course - only other game I will play is another Gilbert/Winnick/Fox game