Tell me, how often do you play?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIMBLEWEED PARK! YAY! :delores::franklin::ransome::ray::reyes:

Dear community!

One year ago Thimbleweed Park was released by the magnificent @RonGilbert and his fantastic team. Until now, there was for me not one day, that I didn’t think about it. The signed box is one of the first things I see in the morning, because my game shelf stands next to my bed, and one of the last things I see in the evening. It’s just so wonderful. Not only the game itself, but the whole aura and drumherum of it. I like the sound and art and community equally. It makes my heart bounce. Even though I consider myself a gamer, I can not say that I play games often. What I enjoy is to read and think and listen about games.

Thanks to the sale, I finally got the iOS version and am playing the game for the third and fourth time parallel, one on my Mac with the unbeeped Version and one on my phone.

So I wondered, how many times did you finish Thimbleweed Park?

  • Once.
  • Twice.
  • Thrice.
  • Four times.
  • 5-7 times.
  • 8-10 times.
  • More than 10 times.

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Finished thrice. Started, like, 75 :stuck_out_tongue: my daughter loves to play the intro.

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That would be a good poll too. I love the starting scene and the intro. The cool sound the train makes and so on… I don’t know how many times I started it. :slight_smile:

Actually I played it 1 and 1/2. :wink: I have started another walkthrough but due to the lack of free time I had to abandon it. But I will definitely play it again (at least twice: With the Ransome DLC and in German).

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Finished one dozen times. As a player and as a beta tester :blush:

That is a lot. I think I haven’t even finished TSoMI as much. And I love it the most. :open_mouth:

5 or 6 times. Not really sure. At the very least I did both modes on PC and console each and at least 2 more times easy on PC.

Some people have too much spare time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’ve played Maniac Mansion as a kid countless times. (And it’s a really interesting phenomenon: While I can replay adventure games several times within a short period, I can re-read a book only after a much longer time.)

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I can count on one hand the times I have done that (I really don´t want to most of the time because I don´t the images that I had in my head when reading the first time to change).

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I read twice with a gap of maybe 8 years in between. Stephen King´s Night Shift short story collection I read twice and at the moment I´m reading Lord Of The Rings for the first time in almost 20 years but also because I got the one volume english version now, so it really is a bit like reading it for the first time again.

Yes, I also did that only for some few books. But on the other hand, I don’t want to replay some adventures too. :slight_smile: (For example I’m not sure if I would like to replay Future Wars or Operation Stealth…)

I re-read countless times only one book, and that is Detektiv Pinky. As a child I returned it to the library only to borrow it again at the same time. The same with some movies. The Blues Brothers for instance, I watched dozens of times.
Games not so much as I mentioned in the first post. For me it is more the whole world around it. Reading and listening about it. Looking at screenshots. Remembering the first (and only) play through.

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I discovered Thimbleweed Park last month when I found myself with a lot of free time after quitting a job and before the new job started. Looking around the web I learnt about the game and was so sad I did not know about it earlier, I loved the works of Ron Gilbert when I was younger in the 80s/90s and I would have loved to be a part of this community from the start.

So I bought the game on the spot and was completely caught by the ambiance. I always thought that the best P&C games of the past owed a lot to how carefully their ambiance was built. It’s telling a lot that the games were called “Maniac Mansion” (and not “the Edisons” or “Dave & Sandy”) and “Monkey Island” (and not “the Adventures of Guybrush” or “the Hunt for LeChuck”), which puts the emphasis on the places rather than the characters. It’s all about the dark and secluded mansion, it’s all about the permanen night sky above a tropical island with dub music. Well the music and night sky and eighties memorabilia and permanent greenish glow of the vacuum tubes made Thimbleweed Park (also named after the town and not “the secret of Chuck Edwards” or “Ray and Reyes’ adventure”). And for two weeks I was really into the ambiance and into the town (it’s strange how it’s depicted as an awful place and yet I would love to go there and stay for a while, if it existed for real).

So I spend a wonderful two weeks playing every day for several hours. I completed the game very quickly and was a bit disappointed by the ending, but this is probably because I did not find all the easter eggs, I only learnt reading this forum that you can actually play the arcade games. Sso I will play it again and see what is more to find, but I started my new job so I have less time.

So I played the game once, so far. But definitely will play it again. Interestingly I will now play on evenings after work so it will be night time as well around me. And more focusing on easter eggs & extra stuff than the main plot. I think it will be a lovely experience.


Thimbleweed Park is full of citations, jokes and references.
It’s worth playing it more than once!

Please be sure to check that the “annoying in-jokes” option is turned on.


Well actually, I just played it a second time and I grew quickly sick and tired of the sheer amount of Easter Egggs. Seriously, with all these Easter Eggs I think I got diabetes by Easter morning…

The first time I played it was still amusing me and overall I was so taken by the ambiance (as I said before) that I did not really mind. But the second time I played it, it really stroke me: there are way, WAY too many references to past games in TWP. In the beginning it is quite mild and you get to enjoy a lot of fresh, new things: “the signals are very strong tonight” is still my favourite quote in a long time, the preeminence of vacuum tubes is such a brilliant idea, the absurdism of the Coroner/Sherriff, etc, all this was very much motivating me. But as the game goes it becomes too much self-referential and that quickly gets old.

I don’t mean I disliked the game or anything. Just I would have preferred if the momentum it took in the beginning had been sustained to the end. I feel like it was killed in favour of “let’s put another Maniac Mansion/Monkey Island reference”. Seriously, when you have to open the enveloppe in the microwave like you did in Maniac Mansion and in a room that looks exactly the same, it’s not an easter egg, it’s just recycling a very, very old trick. And when you have to use the navigator’s head, it’s the second time you have to do it. All to go in a room that looks the same as in Maniac Mansion, again . After half a dozen nods to past games I just started rolling my eyes at them and it was only the beginning.

There were so much innovative ideas, I feel like the constant references to the past are weighting the game down.

In the end I will try to keep alive the feeling I had when I first played: the awesome music (I ordered the LP :smiley: ), the ambiance, the colours, the first dialogues. For the rest I am afraid I will pass.

It is still a fascinating experience to come here and observe the way the game was made, though. A lot to learn and a lot of interesting conversations. I hope you won’t kick me out for this because I’m having a good time here.

Thimbleweed Park is the Deadpool of PnC videogames.

And now with the Ransome uncensored update it is even more so.

.beep. you, Wolverine!


Are you playing with the annoying in-game-joke-option activated?

This isn’t a good example because AFAIK this was a backer item and it isn’t needed to solve the game.

It was a bit weird when I played Maniac Mansion that I was like “hey, I just solved this puzzle in Thimbleweed Park!” But I think it’s supposed to be a self-contained puzzle for newer players and a nod to players who experienced the old games. If I’d played Maniac Mansion then the most difficult puzzle of Thimbleweed Park would’ve been a lot simpler, I suppose.

As a non-American, I was convinced I had to find a post office or mailbox.