What happened in the adventure game field while I was away?

Hello folks!

In the last months I’ve been quite busy organizing an event and as a result I have completely switched off my “adventure game radar”: I have no idea what has happened to both TWP and in the adventure game field in general.

Since I still don’t have much time to read very long threads, would somebody be so kind to summarize to me the most important TWP updates and adventure-related main events? :slightly_smiling_face:


(the event that I have organized involves both monkeys and pirates. I’ll show you a few images in another thread)


Welcome back!
You may be interested with this topic:

There are several new adventure games out. The most interesting are:




And Gog has re-released some older adventure games like:



Regarding this forum we are playing Zak McKracken together:


Sharing our dreams …


… the current weather …


… and our travel activities:


You don’t have to read the whole threads, you can just jump in at the end. :slight_smile:


@lowlevel, glad to see you back! How did your event go? Are you planning to get back to playing something? I remember you were interested in Unforeseen Incidents. I myself am not sure how that turned out.

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I remember participating in that topic, but I’m not sure how it is related to recent adventure game news. :thinking:

Thanks for the links!

I had a look at “Unforeseen Incidents” while it was under development and I remember liking some of the backgrounds. I’ll wait for a few more reviews to understand if it’s my cup of tea, but from the first reactions on GOG and Steam it seems a nicely crafted game.

The same goes for “Detective Gallo”: it has been released a few days ago and I already liked the animation, but I would like to know how good the game is. Is anybody here playing it?

I didn’t know anything about “FRAMED”, instead: it’s really a nice concept and it reminds me of “Gorogoa”. I’m sure I’ll buy it, sooner or later!

“Lake Ridden” mechanics remind me of Myst-type games, but I could be wrong. Generally, I’m not a big fan of this kind of games, because I prefer games in which the puzzles are more intertwined with the story. There have been exceptions in the past, though: I have really enjoyed the “Room” series, for example.

Thanks for the other links as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

Quite well, thanks!

Absolutely! I have a short list of games that I have started but not finished yet. I’m planning to finish them and then buy some recently released games.

It has nice graphics, but the under development game I was really into is “Trüberbrook”. I’m a backer on Kickstarter but I still have to read the development updates that they have published in the last months.

But what about TWP? Did something important happen after the Ransome DLC?

We had a quilt auction:


And a last podcast:


Ron was in Norway:

And some Italian guys are still working on a fan dub.


Yeah, I confirm :wink:🖒


While you were away, the AdvJam2018 took place, where people have 14 days to make an adventure game (point and click or otherwise). It ran from 4-18 May and the participants currently get to vote on eachother’s entries. I’m biased, as I submitted an entry myself (Mission: SPECTRUM – I’ll stop just short of linking to it, as this is already a pretty shameless plug), but you can check out all of them at http://jams.gamejolt.io/advjam2018/games

Even though the time constraints were extremely tight and not everybody managed to finish their entries, most are pretty good and some are absolute gems! (I’ve played through them all now and apart from my entry, I can recommend the musical “Aye Fair Lady”, the horrifying “Alluvium”, the escape-room-like “The Ransom” and “The Basement’s Calling”, Star Trek game “For a Brief Flicker”, Myst-like “Kitrinos: Inside the Cube” as well as the multiplayer “Cross Purposes”).

If you do check out my own game “Mission: SPECTRUM” which is a Sierra-style adventure (next year, my entry is likely to be a LucasArts-style adventure), I would appreciate any feedback or a rating, of course – don’t worry, it won’t count in the results of the competition, as they only tally the votes by other devs or the official judges.


Your game is awesome! I mean, very difficult —I am completely lost after plugging in the usb stick. But the mood is great. It feels like playing Operation Stealth once again.

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From the game page, there’s also a link to some hints, so you needn’t be stuck long.

And thanks so much for trying it out!

@LowLevel, wanna tryout? :smiley:

Now that we´ve established that you are in fact italian…:joy:


The poor guy just came back, let’s not make him run off again :slight_smile:

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Never! I prefer to stay stuck.

I’d have surely voted for your game, if I could vote. Who won, by the way?

There’s still 11 days left in the voting. And while you can’t vote, a rating on GameJolt is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile: It took a while to understand where to do that.

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Thanks man!

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nice to meet you @LowLevel I’ve been on here only since around March of this year. It’s been fun being involved in a place where many people have a similar interest. In terms of news all of the above. Sadly monkey island is still in the clutches of the evil over lords Disney

The game got a puzzle score of 10 out of 10 from Adventurre-Treff. This sounds promising!

Well, I guess there aren’t any.

Just catching up with this. Is this thread :point_up: up yet?