Does Thimbleweed Park belong to the pack?

Yes, with its charming pixelated graphic.
According to the children, it’s a game that can let their fantasy to fly, it’s a game with no constraints, and they love to create, expand their worlds.

Who knows, maybe in ten years, those children will face a reborn of point’n’click adventure games, because meanwhile TWP has became as popular as Monkey Island.

No. :wink: I’ve played the LA and other adventure games several times over the years. Some of them lost their charm and some of them are still surprisingly good; they don’t “age”.(*) The latter one is valid for example for DOTT and MI. And I still consider MI one of the best adventure games ever made.

(*) Actually some of the old games surprised me: In my memory they weren’t good games and I don’t liked them. After playing them today again, they turned out to be not that bad at all. :slight_smile:

Well, this is true. :wink: My friends and I played MI several times. We hadn’t a solution at that time (at least at our first playthrough). And we haven’t discovered any bugs. Not one of them. This was valid for the other Lucasfilm adventures too. I can’t remember that we discovered a bug in Indy 3 or even in Zak - if we exclude the dead ends (in Maniac Mansion I ran into some of them and in Zak the problem was the money).

So I’m really speechless if you say, that you have a 600(!) page(!) bug report! For me the LA games were always/nearly bug free. And no, I hadn’t luck because all of my friends hadn’t discovered bugs too.

I know that every bug “hurts” (or “itches”) a developer. :slight_smile: But MI has/had less bugs then other games or programs at that time.

It was a success. Everyone in Germany played it and knew it. But most of these people, sadly, pirated the game. But everyone I knew played it and liked it much.

Not in Germany. For example Powerplay gave 92%, Amiga Joker 93% Only very, very, very few games got similar high ratings.

I guess this was the main reason why it “sold for shit”. I loved it immediately, but not all of my friends did. Almost everyone knew it indeed.
As I already mentioned a few times on these forums, I think that there are too many playable characters in TWP. Three playable characters ought to be the maximum, in order to give every character enough room. That’s why there is no real equivalent to Guybrush, LeChuck and Elaine in TWP.

Yep. But every game back then “sold for shit” due to piracy (with some few exceptions).

Yes and as I said before popular games like Doom were possibly pirated even more due to their restricted aviailabilty.

Arrrrr… the irony!
That’s almost as meta as TWP


If people pirated Monkey Island what did they do with Grim Fandango…kill it?

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At the least the tank controls

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I’ve heard that some people shooted at the CDs …

Ah, this is why there is a hole in the middle. I see.


Arggh, this thread´s title keeps pushing this song into my head!

Ahh, seeing that box makes me regret not backing the kickstater and ordering it!! Haha.

MI didn’t sell well? I had two childhood copies… this one (actually this is a replacement I bought off eBay but whatever):

There’s one on eBay at the moment … two actually counting the 5.25" version, and they’re both incomplete. I always thought it strange they put Rocketeer on HD disks but SWOTL and MI on DD disks for some reason. Ducktales fits on a single DD disk. It’s also the only English-language release I know of with the VGA version on 7 disks (which is not mentioned correctly on p38 of the manual which contains a copy of the EGA reference card for some reason, scans here). Also the only v1.1 release I know of.

The second one was the CD-ROM version… I think it came free with the 486 mum bought.


It’s interesting that The Rocketeer needs a similar code wheel. MI 1 & 2 had been the only games necessitating such a wheel I knew of.

There was a crack for it though. Not that I have the crack now though… however I did find the patch I made for MI2 that converts the LucasArts floppy release to the KIXX release and back again. It’s a 16-bit dos program that patches 2 bytes in the monkey2.001 file, feel free to download it and give it a go (they won’t run under 64 bit windows of course).

By the way, on-topic I have a still-sealed CMI box. :wink:

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And secrets of the luftwaffe too, apparently

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I think a lot of it is seeing it through “genre colored glasses”…

I played a ton of games as a kid, but “the really funny one with zombie pirates” stands out to this day because I love that kind of humor and that kind of fantasy genre.

Even though people like to divide games up by type (PnCs, FPSs, RPGs, etc.), I think the thematic genre is as important or maybe sometimes more important…

I only played the Simon the Sorcerer games relatively recently, but they instantly went into my top 5 games, because I like fantasy stuff and comedy with dry wit.

I think it’s far easier to get people to like things in certain genres (as long as they’re done well), which is why most of the top grossing movies, TV shows, and books have aliens/robots/monsters/pirates/zombies/wizards/magic/superpowers, etc. in them.

So if someone doesn’t like TWP as much as MI, I don’t think it’s nostalgia so much as they probably have a preference for pirate-zombie adventures over detective stories.
(I know TWP has occasional elements of fantasy with ghosts, spells, etc. but the central premise is two FBI agents solving a murder).

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