Where does Thimbleweed Park rank for you?

For me, this is among the best adventures ever at a bare minimum. It might even be the best I’ve ever played.

Naturally, on a dedicated TWP forum I expect that almost all of you at least like this game, but the question is do you like it or do you love it… is it a game you enjoyed or is it an absolute classic and one of the pearls of the genre?

I’m interested also to hear from people who didn’t like the game but I’m guessing they will be in a very small minority on this forum.

Top five:

  1. Monkey Island
  2. Indiana Jones and the last crusade
  3. Monkey Island 2
  4. TWP
  5. Zak McKraken

I’m very torn about this.

From a technical and artistic point of view, I think that Thimbleweed Park is an excellent example of point-and-click adventure games. It’s clear that the people behind it are long-experienced artists who know how to craft a masterful product. I can foresee a time in which it will be considered a classic and I think that it would deserve this label.

From a personal and emotional point of view it’s a game that “didn’t click” for me at first. I disliked it when it was presented on Kickstarter, to the point that I was not motivated to become immediately a backer. It was only after they started to change something that I thought “Maybe I can give it a try”. I approached this game in a cautious way. I really enjoyed playing the game. The subject of the story is not my cup of tea, but my overall experience was very good.

So, to answer to your question: it ranks high but at the moment it doesn’t belong to the Olympus of the games that I love. Let’s see how time will influence my perception, sometimes a piece of art just needs more time to sink in.


First reaction is “I loved it!” but I really need to play it a 2nd time, especially after learning of a different ending for Ransome

I’ve played it in a detailed enough sense twice now. The game feels beautifully formed and paced much like Curse of MI feels, but it achieves a similarly harmonious balance while being a more ambitious game (in the absolute sense - maybe MI was more ambitious for its time).

I’m impressed by the combination of depth and balance in the game. It’s expertly handled and crafted.

  1. Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders™
  2. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
  3. Thimbleweed Park

I :heart: TWP very much.

From the very first trailer on Kickstarter until the end of the end credits.
I was already very interested from the beginning of the Kickstarter, but I didn’t want to get my hopes too high, but because of Ron, they were already very high. I love Rons games from the bottom of my heart.

  1. The Secret of Monkey Island
  2. LeChuck’s Revenge
  3. TWP

For me, only monkey 2 and Indy 4 are better than TWP.

In terms of global game experience and innovative style, also graphic and puzzle design my top 3 (not my favourite anyway) is:

-Day of the tentacle
-Fate of Atlantis
-Thimbleweed Park

But my favourite list is:

-Indiana Jones Last Crusade
-Monkey Island
-Monkey Island 2

Finally some Last Crusade fan! I’m so surprised to see that most people liked Atlantis better. To me they’re not even close. It’s entirely possible that because I consider the movie one of the best of all times, I’m completely biased :slight_smile:

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I’ve not played Last Crusade yet but I own it.

I’ll play it soon – looking forward to it.

  1. LR:MI2, Zak
  2. CoMI, DoTT, FT, Indy 3, Indy 4, Loom, TSoMI, MM, ToMI (yep, I included this), TWP
  3. Dig, GF, S&MHTR
  4. MI4

(alphabetical order inside groups)

If I try to categorize group 2:
MI1, MM, DoTT, TWP, CoMI, ToMI, Indy3, FT, Loom (this should be higher…), Indy 4 (this should be higher…)

I will change my mind tomorrow.

BTW: forum software insisted MI4 would be number 4. It’s not. I marked it as number 7 after the #3.

EDIT: I just realized: I once called Grim Fandango a perfect adventure. I played Tim’s remastered version the other day, and I found it’s not that great. Way back then I thought it was way better that DoTT. But I just recently played also the DoTT remastered, and I really liked it way better than GF. Maybe I should just play all of these again.

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I did not back it for a number of reasons: it seemed to be modelled too much in the likeness of Maniac Mansion, which is the least favourite amongst the Lucasarts catalogue (apart from Full Throttle, which I never even played), and no affordable option for a physical copy. As release was drawing nearer, it looked like a good enough game after all, and as such a day-one purchase. I was smitten by the first scene (the thick German accent, whether intended or not, felt like a tribute to the country of point and click aficionados, of whom I’m one, so it was both funny and flattering. Certainly not a bad start!).

What followed after didn’t reach the sheer genius of those initial moments. Overall I’d rate TWP a good game, but I would put it somewhere in the lower third of the Lucasarts portfolio. Which, as harsh as it may sound, makes it still better than many other adventure games out there :slight_smile:.

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As good as Indy3 is, (and it’ very good) it’s still what Ron Gilbert would call “a sequence of cages”. Indy 4 is something else.

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For me, it ranks higher than the lower third but I have shared your sensation that the game was philosophically inspired mainly by Maniac Mansion. That’s why I wasn’t interested very much in the game. I started changing my mind when Mark Ferrari joined the team and produced the first “wireframe” backgrounds.


Agree, when I found Ron Gylbert was making another game I went straight to buy it. Kickstarter was over so I bought a ticket for it in Humble Bundle. After having payed I started to read, and then I found they wanted to make a classic adventure game with the old graphics and resolution, then I saw the blueprints and my body started to shiver. Oh my god, is it going to have this graphics??? It didn’t (well not the ending which was a bit disappointing), although I would have rather prefer hi res they are great. Bigheads are not my type so the characters didn’t fit for me, I’m more of the MI2 guybrush style.

Other that that the game’s been fun and I enjoyed it so much. But as you said it won’t belong to the Olympus.

That’s pretty much what I think and what happened to me, but I made it in time to be a backer, and I’m definitely happy with that.

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I think you probably have to give it some time. With the older titles you have the advantage of having played them repeatedly over the years and seeing how well they age. You just played TWP.

Maybe, but I tend to form my opinions quickly. Its legacy in the grand scheme, however, can certainly not yet be established.

Hehehe, certanlly on a top list I’ld put Fate of Atlantis on the top 1… but personally, on my inner list the top 1 is reserved to The Last Crusade. It was the reason I was hooked to click & point adventures and the movie is one of my favorites too.