Extract Sound Bytes?

Any supported ways to extract sound files from the game, or a source of sound clips I’ve overlooked?

Its cheesy as hell, but I really want to set my SMS tone to “Diggin’!” (or possibly cycle through Doug’s lines) but have been unable to figure out how to get a clean version of that sound byte.

You might want to take a look at this:



How on earth did I miss this. You’re a lifesaver!

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Congratulations, you’ve beaten Not Treblig in post hunting!

Oddly enough, my first thought was to not share my use case. “People will think you’re nuts, Guy. Shut up, Other Guy!”

Glad I did, as it would have been easy to just say “not possible” to my extraction request while missing out on a gold mine of Doug goodness!

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Btw. when you just want some sound snippets e.g. for ringtones you can always record directly from the game (turn music down).

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I had not though about that. Then I can use a simple MP3 editor to trim it as needed. Excellent suggestion.