Hotloading - audio too?

This question is mainly for @RonGilbert on behalf of the Italian TWP Community.

In the blog you said a few times that the engine is capable of hotloading stuff - you talked about text, but I know it works for textures too. My question is: does it work for audio too? If I were to put a .ogg file with the right name in the right folder, would the game try to play it before looking in the packed data? Or, in case of audio, the code goes directly to the packed data and there’s no way of overriding it without producing a new pack file?

I ask because there’s still some interest in producing an Italian fan voice-over for the game, but we never started. If it were possible to create a small set of sentences that can be played in-game, maybe it will revive that interest.

So… is it possible, and if so, can you tell us which folder should the files be put into? There are some hints in your blog post “Tracking talkies”, but I didn’t manage to get Delores say “what a great hat” in Italian with my manly voice.

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Poor Delores, with all the respect I have for you, I can’t imagine her speaking with your stentorian voice!

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If there ever was a german fan translation and I had the oppurtunity to voice anybody, it would have to be Willie.

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would you like to voice Boris, speaking italian lines with obvious german accent?


I had a German friend who spoke perfect Italian with a slight but lovely German accent. It’s a pity I haven’t seen him in years. So I suppose @milanfahrnholz is perfect :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be tons of a fun! But I´m even struggeling to have a (heavy) german accent when speaking english. When trying I mostly resort to immitating Dr Strangelove. I´m not sure how I would pull of bad italian, but trying would be fun.

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