Favorite non-Lucas point-and-click adventure games

No probs, just prepare yourself to be stalked by an evil maniac nurse that´s even scarier than Edna ever was (because she iterally “takes no prisoners”)!

I don’t find it unbecoming to have a small Windows partition on your Mac… sometimes it’s very useful :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if it works on Wine but I don’t think it has high system requirements. He could try playing it on his Windows build server VM (after waiting all updates being installed :slight_smile:)

Oh, I´ve only seen the beginning of this thread but missed that later part. Do we know now why Boris deleted his Twitter account?

I’m sure he didn’t delete it because of Ron’s posts, but I still don’t know more than what you have seen in this Twitter conversation.

Well then, did you hate it as much as I did?

I confess I had been keeping that game on hold for a while while I played other games. It seemed like it had potential from the short time I spent on it. I read your review, and despite that, I think I’ll return to it. I hadn’t gotten to that point in the game yet, so I’ll have to see what my experience is like. Some games have a poorly designed part which might be something you can overlook in the end if there are many more positives, but I don’t know if this will fit that category.

Because of the Lovecraft influence, playing it reminded me a little of The Last Door at first, thought that has a much higher production quality. Have you tried that one?

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Yeah you know, I´d probably consider it one of those cases. Had I even gotten past that part that is, but who knows maybe it´s not that hard for you as it is for me. Quicktime even AND pixelhunting at the same time was a new level of frustration for me.

Never heard of it, will check into it. Thanks!

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I stopped bothering about “Chronicle of Innsmouth” when I read in a review “main character is clearly a reskinned Guybrush Threepwood”. :smiley:

But “The Last Door” is beautiful, at least from a graphics point of view. I was tempted to add it to my wishlist but horror based games are not exactly my cup of tea and I play them only if I really like the story or the environment.

@besmaller Is the story of “The Last Door” good?

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Two parts of the game I actually liked a lot:

One has to do with humor the other with puzzle design.

  1. When you open up to the guy on the train station at the beginning that you´re also a model train enthuasist, they all of a sudden perform some sort of secret handshake, I actually laughed out loud at that one.

  2. I thought that the tiara puzzle was a lot of fun to figure out.

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Yes, the story is very well done, but if you don’t like Lovecraft and/or Poe type suspense and horror, you probably would not like it.


I like Poe very much but I’m less familiar with Lovecraft, of whom I read just one book.

What I like less is the presence of cheap tactics sometimes used in horror games to scare the players, like jump scares. I consider them low-quality tricks.

Masterpieces like “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar” didn’t need any jump scare to terrify me when I was a teenager.

I might be wrong, but I get the impression that jumpscares are mainly prelevant in first person horror games. At least that´s where they´re used to most annoying effect.

Well, I can’t say there are no effects like this, but I think they are used minimally, with suspense being the primary strategy. There is the ‘Prototype’ episode they created when they first put their Kickstarter together on their web page, which you can play free online, to see if you like the style. That’s how I got hooked. I then got all the episodes, and the soundtrack - which is amazing by the way. I think the full package is available on the latest Steam sale pretty cheap:


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I got season 1 and 2 on sale. Thanks for the pointer!

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For me, my favorite non-Lucas point-and-click adventure game would be a tossup between Quest For Glory I (originally Hero’s Quest), and Quest For Glory IV. Space Quest V would be in third place.

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and… it was a bit of a letdown. Chronicles of Innsmouth has a whole different depth. (apart from the graphics, it is close to Indy3 quality imho)

I enjoyed it for it’s story and use of suspense. It’s not as much of a puzzle based game, so some might not like it as much.

I found Kathy Rain to be pretty creepy and atmospheric without it using any cheap thrills.


Thanks, I was not aware that there was a “demo” and I have played the “Prototype”, now.

It seems a very well crafted adventure game, I love both the graphics and the wise usage of sounds to create the scary atmosphere. I think it’s not my cup of tea, though, because I can foresee some scene that might give me an heart attack, especially if they use jump scares. :stuck_out_tongue: