Favorite non-Lucas point-and-click adventure games

@LowLevel: If it shouldn’t be super-ancient, I would recommend the remake of the first one.
The original LSL is the one I know best. Though, I also tried the sequels. LSL 7 might have been the best sequel, but, if you haven’t played any LSL yet, I would recommend the original one. To me, it’s just the one and only Larry game.

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The Sierra remakes that replace the text parser with a point and click interface and add a hilarious narrator, are actually really good.

I played the first three King´s Quest games. The first one was okay (the infinity of the map is a bit confusing) the 3rd one I hardly played because I didn´t like that timer system with the wizard at the beginning, but King´s Quest 2, I´m sorry to say is an amazing game that I thoroughly enjoyed!

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If I play LSL 7, will I find a lot of inexplicable references to the previous games of the series that I have never played? Is it enjoyable even without having played the previous games?

Make sure you check the “disable annoying in-jokes” option.
Every game has one of those, right? Right??

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I’m not sure, because it’s been a while since I played it, but I am pretty sure that there were not many in-jokes in LSL 7.

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I loved Larry 2, which I played 20+ years ago on the Amiga. But could not finish it. I suspect it is one of the games where you get stuck if you did not do something much earlier (and which you had no reason to do). But I can’t be sure. Basically, after the boat, I arrived on an island and soon got stuck.

LSL7 deserves an opportunity. For me it is one of my favorite games. A very funny game. :smiley:

LSL7 has a nice graphics and very interesting UI. But due to the lack of an objective I lost interest. I will play it more.

@LowLevel: I can recommend LSL7, it’s one of the best parts of the series (but as all Sierra games not a very good adventure game). If you play it, you should keep in mind, that you can type in commands. Don’t forget that!

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Lack of an objective?

Isn’t the whole Larry series aimed at THE objective?

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Of course! Silly me :slight_smile:

No, in Larry 2 there was this… uhm… Goldfinger person… and then there were these girls … and … uhm… yes.

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I have played it, may I answer this question?

btw: David had a cameo appearance in that game.

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I enjoyed the airplane scene in ZMKBTAS, it was hilarious. :grin:

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Yes, it is one of the better fan adventures, but the story was weird IMHO.

It was huge effort to develop the game, I suppose. Yes weird story, nice puzzles, many references to Zak first game, not so good the mechanics and the interface (I faced too many bugs).
My overall impressions: It’s not canon.

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I agree with you in everything you wrote. :slight_smile:

btw: The developers are working now on “Oak Island”. The game is looking very interesting, but it seems to be more serious and the graphics aren’t very detailed.

As long as you don’t spoil things… I haven’t completed it yet (just made it to Paris)

I haven’t finished it too, but I lost the interest to finish it.