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Best PnC adventure games of all times

I stumbled upon this article, today, and want to share it with you.
Altough the first 11 positions are not suprisingly, there are a few unexpected entries, near the end of the list.
I will overlook the fact that one very important entry is missing :broken_heart: .
Please take a look…


For example? :slight_smile: Pajama Sam?

They aren’t very surprising, IMHO – they are classics too. Especially Pajama Sam was/is a great adventure game for children.

I don’t like those lists anyway, because each of us has a different list. I don’t think that one is able to create a “best PnC adventure” list that is impartial.

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Well, I didn’t expect to find Ace Attorney in a “point and click adventure games”.
The other one is Thimbleweed Park almost at the end. :neutral_face:

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Yeah, I don’t get it either, The Dig is great.


OK, two entries, then! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oh yes, how could I forget Flight Of The Amazon Queen!


It’s very interesting to see that if you ask somebody to name a great PnC game, he/she/it will name in most cases an old game (before the year 2000) – and TWP. :wink:

But what about “new” games? I had great fun with “The Inner world”, “Machinarium” and “The Whispered World”, for example. And I would consider them to be part of the 28 best PnC games.

Because we’re old people with no time to play anymore, so we all made a big exception for TWP but apart from that the old school games are the only one we could enjoy :sob:


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The author of the article is 33 years old. So it’s likely that he hasn’t played Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island back then… :wink:

I would guess that some games are just said to be classics, so they are classics in the brain of a lot of people. :wink:

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Oxenfree and Wolf Among Us are some top notch recent stuff.

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The whole list felt a bit like the LucasArts and Telltale catalogues and then some random stuff to end up with a nice number … or whatever.

But yeah, unless it’s a list of every P&C adventure, people will always find something missing, me included. And probably otherwise too.

What I find perhaps the most interesting is that they’re still making those lists. I only scrolled over the entries, so no idea how much work went into the article, but as its far from the only recent publication in that area, it’s a sign to me that those games are still cherished and that there’s still an audience for them.


Because it’s clickbait. Like the 10 funniest hot dogs.

You are able to write such lists within minutes and they will generate a lot of clicks. Because everyone would like to know if “their” games are on the list.


#5 is the funniest one :smiley:

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