Free game of the day

With sites like GOG and fanatical giving away free games regularly, let’s let people know about these here…

Perhaps also less than €1 or $1 could be posted here, but let’s not turn this into a games on sale topic…

Oh and final rule: the game mustn’t be a piece of :poop:


A 2D adventure… it says psychological horror, but it looks to be pretty pixel art


A classic first person shooter:


Although I ended up not buying any of them, I thought it was nice that on signing up to GOG, they offer you some discounts as a ‘welcome gift’. For example Grim Fandango for 2.99 or something, and Psychonauts for 1.99.

I’ve watched someone play a bit of Distraint. It reminded me a bit of those Flash games like Crimson Room. Basic, but fun.

Buying? But they’re free (today)!
Or where you referring to GF and Psychonauts?

Yeah sorry, was referring to the GOG ones. I started that sentence a bit backwards.

Problem not at all that is for me!

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Thanks for the tip. That one looks interesting, and it pretty highly rated (Metacritic).

Note to others - if you get this (like I just did), your Steam Key must be redeemed on Steam within 15 days. I believe that it’s also downloadable DRM free though, so this not is only relevant for those who want to use it on Steam.

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Humble lists under Platforms where the game is available:

Are you sure about this? I don’t really believe this.
When I purchase a game (free or not) and put it into my Humble library I expect to be able to redeem a Steam key whenever I want.

I’ve purchase many humble bundles in the past with steam keys. I’ve never seen this before, but there it was in big red lettering at the top, when I opened the purchased page. Perhaps because it is a free item, or maybe they are changing their policy on new purchases.

This is what I mean:


No, this is common, especially with free games or gifts. AFAIR some Gog keys can expire too.

Only €0.89 until May 29th

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Humble Bundle has been doing that with their free gifts for years.

Yeah, I picked up Shelter 1 and 2.

Hm, even the “large” font is rather small on UHD. Meh, the big advantage of UHD is the sharper fonts. :frowning:

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Yes, keys/gift links for GOG/Steam etc. can expire.

I don’t redeem Steam keys from Humble immediately though. Sometimes years later. Haven’t had any problems with normal purchases/Kickstarters.

So when I purchase a game and redeem it on Humble I normally wouldn’t expect Steam keys to vanish later. But it seems like this can happen with those free ones (at least there are also DRM-free downloads for this particular one and who cares about Steam anyway).


Free on GOG right now:


Until June 18th: pay what you want on Humble Bundle for Deponia 1-3, Anna’s quest, Memoria and another one…

They also seem to give stuff away when making a purchase right now. I bought Unforeseen Incidents and Gorogoa (for ~€30 total) and got Rime and Sunless Sea thrown in for free. (Rime was on my radar, though it’s Windows only, will have to see if I get it to run). I already had Sunless Sea on Steam, but having a DRM free copy surely doesn’t hurt.

Gorogoa runs just fine with wine. Odd that there is no native Linux version, though. It’s made with Unity and I just saw it featured on the Mac App store, and I think it’s on consoles too.