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The (adventure) games on sale thread


In this thread I would like to collect (ongoing) sales, so we don’t have to create a new thread for each of them.

I start with the current Deadalic weekend sale on Gog:


If you haven’t played the Life is Strange series I would recommend trying it. Not technically a classic adventure game though. Episode 1 is now FREE on Steam, the rest on sale:


Phoenix Online Studios summer sale (for example Last Door, Cognition, Gabriel Knight):



I know them from the last door, I didn’t know they did Gabriel Knight 20th anniv too.
Oh and they give away the silver lining (King’s Quest revisited) for free!


In the Steam summer sale, I got these two:


Tick’s Tales is also available DRM free via POS (for the same price):


J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars on Gog (only some hours left)


I got Dark Train:

(The end of that last sentence is ‘mechanical squid Ann’ :squid:)


Here’s my recommendation: my first point-and-click adventure game, only 49 cents :slight_smile:


Antventor is also on sale:


Beard in the mirror (see link above) is a solid game. Good humour, good puzzles and good graphics. Very traditional. Also fairly long.



Also seems to have a nice real-life backstory: "It’s a labor of love from a husband-and-wife team from two different worlds (she’s a Sierra fangirl, and he’s a LucasArts diehard) who have been working on it together since before they even started dating. "


and it shows. the ui is sierra style, but the dialogs are lucas style (no portraits, text on top of the heads, and dialog trees)


On Gog there is this adventure called “Thimbleweed Park” on sale (incredible 40% discount). Sounds like a funny game. Maybe I’ll buy it - would someone recommend it?


that’s more than the population of active nutcases here in the forum :thinking:


Not an adventure game, but -hm- maybe the right game for all Pigeon Brothers lovers:

Grand Pigeon’s Duty


Nah, the signals aren’t strong in it.


€0.99 for IHNMAIMS, a classic P&C adventure from 1995


Let us not forget Amiga classics Beneath A Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress and Flight of the Amazon Queen which are free on Gog. Gratis. Very nice. :slight_smile: That being a price I likey.