Free game of the day


Free! For the next 45 hours or so
It got 90% on average on Steam (but looks a bit weird to me)
But it’s free!

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“You need a Humble Bundle account.”
“You need to link your Steam account to your Humble Bundle Account.”

And then:
“To get your copy of Orwell please sign up for our newsletter!”

:ransome: Beeeeeep you!

(I downloaded it anyway. And then unsubscribed from their newsletter.)


The fact that it´s called Orwell makes this whole ordeal super ironic.


Is Orwell good? I’ve bought it some time ago (in a bundle) but not played yet.

This one is ! You can get a key for another 2 days (almost).


Unrelated and NOT free, I thought for a second this had an interesting title…

… then I noticed it was missing an M at the end!


Humble Bundle giving away 9 DRM free games (all Windows, many also Mac, some also Linux) in the Humble Trove (normally just for subscribers) until 9/16:



Are there any of those you would recommend (on account of disk space isn’t infinite)? I’ll share my views on the first two:

  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare: same old as the base game, meaning a fairly decent story but a somewhat meh, repetitive game once you’ve got the basic gameplay figured out. Looks pretty decent in UHD fwiw.
  • Limbo looked interesting in some videos.

@PiecesOfKate liked Limbo AFAIK, she wrote something about it somewhere in this forum. Sexy Brutale has also good (but not very good) critics, but I haven’t played it myself.

Definitely Limbo!
I don’t know any of the others.

As @Someone says I really liked Limbo. It’s very dark, eerie and refreshingly stripped back.

I recently played Inside by the same creators, which is even better, but I’d recommend playing Limbo first.

If you like creepy games (art and atmosphere, not jump scares) you’d probably like it.


I don´t find jump scares creepy. They are a distraction from any kind of atmosphere that might have just developed.

Too bad loud noises are a trend in some games now like they are in movies. Fortunately there are still enough decent ones in both kind of media out there.

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It’s more the platformer part that I’d probably get bored with at some point. :wink:

I’m not sure if there’s any platformer I’ve ever finished. Not even Psychonauts. I finished a few TR games, which did have enjoyable platforming but I’m not sure I’d class them as such. I almost finished VVVVV (if I got the number right) but I couldn’t be bothered to backtrack to the final part of the game to finish it.

OH WAIT, I finished Prince of Persia 2008. :slight_smile:

Anyway, we already own the game on GOG or Humble/Steam.

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I don’t even think of it as a platformer - that just happens to be how you move around - the puzzles make it less of a run and jump scenario. Having said that, there are bits that involve racing against other things.

Actually I just remembered that I finished several Commander Keen games, and possibly Duke Nukem 2.

Basically platformers other than VVVVV always manage to bore me to death by having me redo a whole bunch of stuff for that one jump I didn’t make. VVVVV was really good about making you redo only the stuff that mattered. The funny thing is that Super Meat Boy and VVVVV came out around the same time. Super Meat Boy proclaimed to solve that problem but didn’t. At all.

Could still get boring. We’ll probably see someday. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just play it… You’d be the first whom I recommend the game who didn’t like it!

no, that wouldn’t get you an achievement

@PiecesOfKate, did you ever collect all the “secrets” eggs in Limbo - which unlocks the brutal hard bonus sections?

Again, we already own it! :wink:

The only thing I was really saying is that I don’t really recommend Alan Wake('s American Nightmare).

No I don’t think so :exploding_head:

Where were they? Just randomly in levels? I don’t remember that…

It was indeed from one of the older bundles btw.