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Game finished w/o letting me play all the endings!

Hey, I seem to have accidentally finished the game before I got to complete all the characters’ endings. I was playing as Delores so kept on playing as her but finishing her section ended the game, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to go back to the other characters any more!!

I feel kind of cheated - do I really have to play all the way through the game again to finish the endings for the other characters?

No, I didn’t save before using Delores’ last item, because I thought that was just a fake conceit - a nod to old fashioned games of the past - the game had autosaved for me all the way through so I didn’t think there WAS a real save function, and I certainly didn’t think it was going to be critical to my ability to finish all the parts of the game!!

I really think this is a flaw in the gameplay. The game should recognize when the other storylines have not finished and refuse to let Delores’ story end before the other characters have done their endings.

Is there any way I can play through the other endings?


  • You didn’t mention what platform you are playing on, if it’s a PC platform you can just copy a savegame from someone else (savegames are compatible between platforms, but you have to get it on there somehow).
  • Have you played casual or normal mode? You could just play it the other way, trying to get missing achievements!

There are two events in the game when you are asked to save. They really mean it!

Btw. if you know what you are doing and skipping all the dialog/cutscenes it takes about 90 minutes for a casual playthrough (according to @milanfahrnholz).

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There is a save/load feature, check the menu, or press the F5 key, like the old games.

Anyway … if your solely save slot is the first one (autosave), then you must restart the game in order to see the other endings.

It’s good to replay the game: you will discover things you probably missed on your first play!

I felt the same the first time because it wasn’t obvious that I can’t switch to the other characters at a certain point. But luckily I had a savegame.

What happens if you load the last autosave? Are you at the end of the game with Delores?

Once Delore goes into the wireframe world, it stops autosaving, so your last auto save should be before she enters.

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Since when? When I replayed last month the final autosave was still after going through the fan in the wireframe factory.

Oh… really… that is not the way I coded it. It must have stopped working at some point and no one noticed.


Yeah, I´m pretty sure that´s where @DeniseDeniseLA ´s problem comes from(I´m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she did check her last autosave).

This was definitely a good idea, but I have never observed it working that way with all the versions I’ve ever played to this point.

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Yeah, it is a good idea! :slight_smile: I need to see what it’s not working anymore.

It didn’t work in the very first release version 1296.849 and also not 1309.859 or 1323.866.
In 1343.881 there was this savegame message introduced, but autosave still behaves the same.
I’m not sure if this ever worked in any official build.

I don’t think it did. I think it broken before release. Making sure autosave stopped never made it onto a test check list. Or maybe late one might in bed I said “Hey, I should stop autosave during in the wireframe world” and then never did it. But I’m 99% sure it was working at one point (before release).

I remember the first time I saw an image of the autosave slot that showed that final autosave in the wireframe world (after the fan in the factory) was when you were a guest on Gronkhs show and accidentally showed the savegame page for a short moment. That was in january or something.

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Good memory!

Also it was called “easy mode” back then!

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@DeniseDeniseLA: Do you still need help? For example a savegame?

Let me understand… you kept every version?!

If yes she should tell us which platform and difficulty.

Sure, or how do you play the demo mode for example?

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What´s the benefit besides satisfying a very specific curiousity?

Counter questions:

  • What’s your benefit of playing Thimbleweed Park at all?
  • If you have played casual mode after completing hard mode: Why? It’s the same game but less of it.



Meeting chicks.

My obvious OCD, duh!

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