GameInformer's 2017 Adventure Game Of The Year Awards

Thimbleweed Park won the “Best Ending” prize!

2017 Adventure Game Of The Year


Best Ending – Thimbleweed Park
This homage to older adventure games pokes fun at the genre as well as embraces it. Thimbleweed Park feels new and nostalgic at the same time, and it has one of the best endings we’ve seen this year. Seeing how just the story wraps up and how it takes its self-aware jokes to crazy levels, makes this a wild ride.


That’s awesome! I can’t agree more. Congrats to the team! :tada:

I feel like they should have named TWP as the winner in all those categories, especially adventure game of the year…

(bearing in mind TWP is the only one of them I’ve played, so I may be slightly biased)

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Adventure Game Of The Year – What Remains Of Edith Finch

For those who played the game, would you agree?..

I haven’t played it and that’s the problem: It was only released in December on GOG, tsts.

I don’t agree personally, but I can see why they chose it. The mechanics of the game are really clever, smooth and clearly well thought through. The back stories of all the characters unravel in a really nice way, integrated with puzzles (a bit like the flashbacks in TWP I guess) so it’s engaging all the way through.

However I think the main story itself is a bit weak, and it’s quite a short game. I would’ve agreed more if it got an award for production, puzzle design or gameplay or something. It’d have to blow me away for AGOTY.


Yeah, but did it have a swearing clown?