Games with a different story after restart

Inspired by another thread: Which games have a different story each time you (re-)start the game. One example is Noir Syndrome:

Can you clarify for me how is it possible?

You mean: How the game creates a new story? :slight_smile:

To stick with LucasArts:

and using the same engine

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Yes and no: In most roguelike games the story remains the same, only the levels vary a bit. But,yes, the principle is the same. :slight_smile:

I´m not holding my hopes high that a completly different story each time is even possible. I expect to see a pattern very soon where you recognize different story parts you already saw before. But that´s okay, it can still be fun and is probably the best you can do.

It will probably require a few decades, but I’m waiting for neural networks to be advanced enough to create real different stories. Mixing bits of manually-made stories can work for some kinds of games but not for games that are strongly based on narrative, like the ones I’m mostly interested in.

I don’t know… if stories made by neural networks are as good as music made by neural networks, then I’d say: no thank you.
It’s probably not too difficult to create a random story, but a good story?

Regarding OP: Dwarf Fortress creates a new history if you start a new game, I think?

I don’t think it’s possible to know what neural networks will be able to do in 30 or 40 years; that’s really a lot of time. Also, generating music and generating stories are two extremely different things and comparing them is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. The goal of generating pleasant music will be reached well before the goal of creating pleasant stories. Actually, we are very near to the generation of pleasant but simple music; mimicking classical music is already within the realms of possibility.

It will be flawless…

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… creeeeepy…


BTW what song does HAL sing in the italian version and did the translator of TwP correctly pick up the reference?

(come to think of it, I´m not sure if it was correctly used in the german version or if Chuck says daiiisy in german as well?)

Why neural networks? to create real stories they will need to do reasoning, for sure. So you’d need to implement reasoning on top of neural networks. But they don’t seem very appropriate for that. I don’t see much parallelism needed.

Yes, he left the text unchanged, in english, since it was this way in 2001 Odissey in the space.
In the italian version of the movie, the song was “Giro giro tondo”, that is… “ring around the Rosie”, a very popular children song.

The Blade Runner game back in the day randomised who was the replicant every time you started a new game, apparently. Can’t vouch for that since I only played it once though.

Not sure if that counts.


I can since I finished that one several times. And they along with your decisions can influence the endings you get.

There is even a way to test that without having to progress too much in the game. In the prison of the police station is someone you can practice using the Voight-Kampff machine on. He also changes everytime, but doesn´t impact the story.


Because they are the most promising general-purpose artificial intelligent technology and the only one that might provide artificial general intelligence in the future. Some of them are already able to generate simple works of art, so I expect that future versions will be able to accomplish the generation of pleasant stories.

They are networks of simulated neurons: “reasoning” arises even if they don’t behave exactly like real neurons. “Reasoning” doesn’t need to be implemented by the developers. Actually, the main point of neural networks is that developers don’t need to code rules: it’s the network itself that learns from examples and is able to generate something similar to what it observed.

In German version the first line is “translated correctly” to the German song that HAL 9000 sang in the German dub of 2001. But the 2nd line with “I’m half crazy” was directly translated. Not sure if it is an error or deliberate decision to underline the crazyness of Chuck.

Ha, yes it´s actually “Hänschen klein, ich bin halb verrückt vor lauter liebe zu dir”. That´s weird. But yes, possibly a compromise.