Gog.com summer sale - with Thimbleweed Park

Gog.com is doing a “summer sale”. You can get several adventures with a (high) discount. And: You can get Thimbleweed Park 20 percent cheaper. @RonGilbert: I thought you won’t do a sale for a long time? Or don’t you have control over the (summer) sale?

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After a lot of research and talking to other devs, we decided to do just the summer sales.


I hate to admit it, but I failed in convincing my co-worker to buy Thimbleweed Park. He is a Steam user. He played and liked some classic Lucas adventure games, but he didn’t want to buy TWP because "I know that on June there will be Steam sales. I’ll purchase Thimbleweed Park during that period."

Never mind. Your co-worker will have to keep his promise now. :wink:

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There are over 90,000 people who have wish listed the game on Steam.


I am one of them… whishlisted it before it came out, both on Steam and GOG.
But I bought it on GOG on release day, at full price, and did not remove it from my Steam whishlist, although I do not intend to buy it on Steam…

Perhaps he means people who have wishlisted but not purchased, if that’s something you can find out. I’m also in the same category as you.

Oops - never mind, I see now I’m no longer wishlisted - maybe it removed me when I redeemed my backer key automatically.

I see your case is different because you purchased on Gog.com, but wishlisted on Steam. I don’t know how common that will be.

Yes, that’s what happens when you get a game in your library: it automatically disappears from your wishlist.

I’m pretty sure that most of the people who have the game in their whishlist haven’t already purchased it anywhere.