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Thimbleweed Park - Currently available for free at Epic Games Store


Thimbleweed Park is currently available for free at the Epic Games Store until March 7, 2019.
Epic Games Store

I wonder if Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick would benefit from “buying” the game there. Do they get anything from the sale at Epic Games Store, or do they get nothing?



in one word: “neutral”


I see what you mean. Everything related to money is rather taboo, of course. Probably the offer will be paid as a lump sum.


Now after buying my 2nd license I took the chance to play the game again. I love it. Thanks a lot!


I do still have to replay it with the DLC…


You don’t have to. It won’t make you anymore literate or something :slight_smile:


Fine, fine, I want to. Someday, at least. Probably not yet. :slight_smile:


PS It might, depending on what’s behind the beeps.


This is the wrong kind of literate…


I kindly disagree, *beep


You ∗beepers∗ can’t even ∗beeping∗ beep!


It´s the fucking best you pussies.


I found out something beep great! The beep Epic Games Launcher is only needed to download and install the game. After that it can be uninstalled in a beep simple way. This free of charge Thimbleweed Park Version runs beep easy and flawless via the ThimbleweedPark.exe or a shortcut.


Sorry, but a shop specialised in selling digital goods not being able to mention which software uses DRM and which not is just not acceptable.

Now get the *beep* off my lawn!