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Guybrush doing the Thriller

Nuff said

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I can’t seem to play the video in the app or in my browser. Is the link broken?

Facebook login required.

Doesn´t work after login either.

Ok. I guess you’d need to be a member of the “LucasArts Adventure Games” group.

Can you show us shreenshots, please?

It would probably be better to post a direct link which does not require any login. :slight_smile:

I think the problem is here that the video is on Facebook. So you have to login to watch it.

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yep. bummer. someone should put it on youtube if it’s worth the bother.

EDIT: by someone I didn’t necessarily mean you, Someone…

I’m trying to join this group. If I’m successful, I suppose I’ll try to record a video of it or something. Keep you all posted.

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