Grim Fandango Live @E3

I hope you guys are all watching:

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Thanks for sharing this. That was a nice treat!

I’ll watch it… but not live :slight_smile:

“Flash player needed …”

What? Seriously?

I don’t think so. It works on Chrome and FireFox without Flash.
The only strange thing is that the video doesn’t start at the beginning.

I think so, because I have Firefox and Facebook is telling me that I need Flash.

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It worked on my iPhone (at least this morning). Which has no flash per construction.

Perhaps someone can save the video and put it on youtube or something, so we can still enjoy it after our “let’s play GF”


I’ve tried it again and Facebook is still telling me that I have to download the current version of Flash player to watch the videos.

I would appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I meant to say "Perhaps Someone can save the video… " :wink:

I have never put any video on youtube before, so I dunno how hard that would be.
I’ll have a look into it tonight.


It works on both browsers without Flash.
Update to a more current browser version or disable extensions which block HTML5 videos.

I’m on Firefox 60.0.1 without any extensions.

I’m on 60.0.2 (64-bit) with a all kinds of extensions. I have some old Flash version installed as plug-in but it’s set to ‘Never Activate’ and I haven’t seen any Flash content for a long time.

Alternatively download the video using something like

Edit: You could also try to test with a new clean profile in case of some strange configuration issue in about:config

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off-topic, but this is an awesome tool that does that kind of job, it’s free and open source:

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From Facebook too?

yes, just make sure you right click on the video and select “show video url”. Then feed that url to youtube-dl

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It never occurred to me to try this tool with Facebook videos (well, in fact this was one of the only ones I have ever watched on this platform).