How much do you spend on patreon?

I’m curious how much (if anything) you guys spend monthly on patreon (or similar) to sponsor indie devs. Overall. Excluding kickstarters.

(poll is anonymous)

  • 0$ per month
  • 1 - 3$ per month
  • 4 - 8$ per month
  • 9 - 15$ per month
  • 16 - 20$ per month
  • 21 - 30$ per month
  • 31 - 40$ per month
  • more

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Oh, I did not read it right. If it’s only “indie devs”, then 0.

I support only a debunking blog (you’re Italian, I suppose you know BUTAC).

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actually I did not :slight_smile:

Bufale Un Tanto Al Chilo
The most popular italian debunking site. They fact-check the most wide-spread news, plus a very deep research on the most controversial topics (chemical trials, 9/11 truth, vaccinations and autism, and so on…)


I haven’t spend something on Patreon - yet. I just haven’t found an indie project/dev that convinced me.

Robin Johnson! This guy is a genius. Play Draculaland. It’s better than Thaumistry, which is saying a lot. and it’s point and click. The puzzle structure is very original, a lot of synergy between puzzles and gui.

(Detectiveland is also good but puzzles are less inspired)

Thanks to your hint it’s on my list already and I will give it a try. :slight_smile: (But it could take a while.)

So basically like an italian speaking snopes? That´s cool, those people need as much support as they can get, especially these days.

Yes, a fact-checking site, with evidences, explanations, and advices on how to recognise the fake news.


As for indie devs, I sponsor Octaci Navarro.
I also support the Digital Antiquarian (Jimmy Maher) on Patreon.

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Nice site! Didn’t know about it.
On that note, has anyone tried The Shroud of the Avatar?

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The Digital Antiquarian is great. It has already covered many of the games I used to play A LOT during my childhood (Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Defender of the Crown, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and many others).

I never played a Richard Garriott game. Somehow I skipped CRPGs when I was younger, and never got into them later.

Nothing (yet). But this is more due to the fact that I cannot use any of the payment methods patreon accept. :frowning:

Really? I’ve never heard about it. I know since the nineties, though.


There’s a big difference between 1) 0$ per month and 2) 1-3$ per month. :blush:
I’d bet a lot of people would answer “between 0 and 1$ per month”, which could also mean “1$ every 3 months”