TWP sales breakdown by country

Interesting: The United States are at the first place while Italy has only 3.3%. I wouldn’t have guessed/expected that.

(In my next vacations I’ll travel to Everywhere Else. The people there seem to be huge adventure fans. Must be a nice place.)


Everywhere Else also includes some sales where we don’t know the country. That number isn’t significant, but it’s a few %.

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That has been my favourite place to live for a few years now!

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Me too :frowning:
Probably many people here are more interested in EA Sports Fifa in this period… you know…

joys and sorrows of escapism

It’s a pity indeed. Maybe it’s because the voices are in English only, seeing that the texts were actually translated to Italian, French, Spanish and Russian.

It would be interesting to see such a sales breakdown for other point & click games from the recent years for comparison.

Personally I can´t fathom how anyone can buy anything that has Ronaldo´s face on it, but what do I know…


German and UK will get an even bigger slice of the pie chart when I’ll calculate the per-capita values, which will tell something about where the adventure game culture is more prominent.

Ron should move to Europe for a while and enjoy the large audience of his live coding session tours in theaters. :neutral_face:


Here is a chart of the relative quantity of money that each citizen of a country has given to Terrible Toybox, Inc. to buy Thimbleweed Park:

…which also suggests how much a citizen of each country is willing to spend.

Put in another awfully rough and imprecise way, if you spend X dollars in advertising in Germany and get 100 dollars of TWP sales, the same amount of X dollars in advertising would have given you:

  • Only 89 dollars in Sweden
  • Only 70 dollars in UK
  • Only 58 dollars in Australia
  • Only 46 dollars in USA
  • Only 44 dollars in Canada
  • Only 40 dollars in Spain
  • Only 23 dollars in Italy
  • Only 22 dollars in France

(Yes, I’m aware that these calculations and conclusions are too rough to be reliable, but let’s consider it just a game)


Are these just per-capita adjustments?

Yes. These numbers don’t take under consideration a lot of other things that must be calculated to get less misleading conclusions.

That sounds a lot like chaos theory.

Chaos theory is what you get when you do math with a Twitter screenshot.


I’ve heard Italians will now have much more time to play TWP in 2018!


So you ARE swedish!

I am soooo into football I had to look up if Sweden had anything to do with it :slight_smile:

:football: (it’s about the same anyway)

You know like they say that history is only written by the winners? Well, appearantly not when you´re not into football.:upside_down_face:

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Wait, is this “under”? :scream:

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Holy multiple choice Batman, you´re right! :astonished:

This makes me question so many things…

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Btw. coincidentally it matches quite well with the backers of the original Kickstarter:

90% of male t(w)eens that I know.