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Interview with Mark Ferrari (Making of Monkey Island)


It’s always a joy and somehow fascinating to me to listen to Mark Ferrari. He is such an extraordinarily talented artist. His pixel-art landscape images, color pencil drawings and color cycling images for example are really impressive.
I think, he seems to have enjoyed the interview as well.
Special thanks to him for sharing his memories with us!
I remember, back when I enjoyed MI 1 & 2 as a child, I used to wonder what kind of people the developers of these two games were. Back then, I never had believed I would ever get such insights from the developers themselves.
To be honest, it’s not a surprise to me that these games have become classic games. In my case, it was love at the first sight - not least thanks to the great artworks.
It was also nice to get to know his personal opinion about what exactly the secret of MI is, by the way.
I’m for sure going to read his serial Twice soon.

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