Just finished the game - some comments

I just finished the game and LOVED IT. I grew up playing all the classics including monkey island and the Indiana Jones point and clicks.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. I wasn’t aware of the Kickstarter and would have contributed if I had been aware. I’m hoping to catch the next one if such an opportunity presents itself.

  2. The podcasts are very interesting from a nerd’s perspective. As a programmer and musician I enjoy the finer details of the creative process. I hope this will continue into the future development of games.

  3. The balance between the nostalgic presentation of the game and the modern tools and technology is very good. Kudos.

  4. The music was generally enjoyable, although I miss Michael Land’s work in it. I can’t help but wonder what it would sound like if he had composed it.

  5. beautiful graphics work by Ferrari. I spent a lot of time studying the details of each room. There’s an obvious love and passion for the work he does. I can’t imagine another graphics artist for a game like this.

  6. The humor is consistent with the monkey island series which I love.

  7. The game is way too cheap. I would have no problem paying twice the price.

Some negatives:

  1. With so many good jokes, how come Ron is so dry in all the interviews/podcasts? :slight_smile:

  2. Some of the puzzles were somewhat frustrating. Particularly the penthouse one and the sekret meeting / forest / puddle puzzle.

  3. Having so many characters is both a curse and a blessing. It increases the number of possible options which can be daunting when you’re stuck. You end up switching characters and walking aimlessly around, trying all the objects and inventory interactions, always worried that you might be in the right place with the wrong character, or the right character in the right place with the wrong items. The todo lists are a welcomed feature.

  4. I wish one of the arcade games would have a small monkey island bit complete with a puzzle and a couple of new rooms…

Anyway, overall it’s a fantastic achievement which definitely brought me back to my childhood and entertained me for well over 15 hours on hard.

Congratulations to everyone involved, from the kickstarters to the creative team, and a special thanks to Ron for reviving a unique game style that has impacted a lot of people, and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come.