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Interview with Ron Gilbert (Making of Monkey Island)


I just watched that start to finish. I guess I could listen all day to Ron’s soothing voice :slight_smile:.

There’s that question about the game’s popularity around 24:45 that got me thinking back to when I first heard about it. The kids from my class that were also into computer games were pretty excited about this brand new Monkey Island thing, but just by the title I couldn’t really imagine that it was anything that would appeal to me. Sounded like a silly action game and I didn’t really pay much attention to their talk initially. But as the buzz continued I really had to know what it was all about and was quite surprised to learn that this was a comedic successor to Indy3, sort of.

Though I can imagine why it wasn’t quite the commercial success. As big a hype as that game was on the school yard, I doubt any of us had actually bought a legit copy. By the time it had reached me, disk 4 had bad sectors and I couldn’t even complete it. But it was enough to cement my love for adventure games :slight_smile:.


At 16:00, Ron says he played Monkey Island again just yesterday… and he does that each time when starting work on a new adventure game…

You know what that means?




I am curious …

What was the reaction of Carla from Product Support about her image and name making it into Monkey Island? Here is hoping mr. Gilbert knows and notices this post here. :smiley:

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