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Is Ron open to games connected to Cryptocurrency?

Hi @RonGilbert, and everyone!

Sorry for the mention but I had this thought:

I’ve been involved with crypto-gaming recently (on the WAX so it’s eco-friendlier so they say). I was just wondering if you have been noodling around with the idea of it? Whether people pay for your game in cryptocurrency, or the game can earn a little bit of it while exploring or solving puzzles?

Everyone can share their thoughts on this too as I know it’s quite a controversial one.

Thanks and I hope you are safe and well!

Only Ron can answer this, but I doubt that many people would pay in cryptocurrency - at the moment. Maybe this changes in the near future.

You mean that the game generates money for Ron or for me (the gamer)?

In both cases I don’t like this idea: I bought the game, so I would like to play it - it shouldn’t generate additional money in the background for its creators. And if I would like to generate money for myself, I would start a (separate) client.

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Maybe it’s intended as a spin on free to play that isn’t equivalent to pay to win/not be horribly annoyed?

But yeah, I’d rather my PC is nearly inaudible when it can. I’ll keep the full-blast GPU for games like Control and Horizon: Zero Dawn

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That would be similar to these ads in apps, IMHO. I don’t like that either and I would prefer to pay/buy a game in advance.


It would be interesting… “want to earn money in crypto? Solve these puzzles…”


Yeah, it would be fun to earn even for just a little bit, by just solving puzzles for instance, or looking around maybe (apart from you buying the game). But then again, that’ll be a whole new code overhaul with smart contracts and what not. But yeah, it would be interesting, nonetheless.

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