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It's worth to open the source code of a game

A lot of game designers don’t open their code. The developer of VVVVVV did and the results are interesting. According to a blog post they had 400 pull requests, a port to Dreamcast, Haiku and Webassembly. And localisation is going on. Conclusion: “Only good things have happened. This whole thing has been a really positive experience, and I’m really glad I did it.”

I guess that @RonGilbert had made also only positive experiences?

(Please note that the source code of VVVVVV is available but not under a “free” license.)

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Yeah, I guess you only need to look back when id Software used to release the code to their engines and what it did for them.

But for most developers I would assume that it’s not really an option, as a lot of the code is probably not theirs to show in the first place.

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