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My apologies about my last post


I can see that my subject has been locked.
First of all I want to apologize if I made something wrong, I’m just a fan and I wanted to share my knowledge about your game, I don’t want to do something illegal so if you can tell me what I did wrong, it will be my pleasure to fix it.
The project I shared is just experimental, I don’t do this to make benefit or something else, I don’t even work in game industry, it’s just a hobby and it is mandatory to buy TWP to do something with it.


I don’t know, for some reason he doesn’t like such topics :man_shrugging:


If it would be your game - would you like such posts?


Why not?


What did you post?


Scemino tries to reimplement the TWP engine.

I know that Ron didn’t want to have such sort of stuff in the beginning so not all the magic is taken away when many people haven’t even touched the game.

But it’s been some time now and it’s people like scemino who made something like ScummVM possible.


I don’t understand, did you make a “rip-off” out and out copy of Thimbleweed Park or did you implement a “Verb Style” 2d adventure game engine? Or did you rip content from TWP or what?


Yes. :slight_smile:

Basically the engine + content thing (think ScummVM).


Hmmm I’m all for more Verb based adventure games. But ripping content from a game , or pirating it is NOT cool.

Also I can see why the developers would be upset if the engine has been compromised. I myself am trying to write my own ‘game engine’ that will bare lots of resemblence to these games (TWP, MI, DoTT, etc). But it will be all my own work and I have not ripped off anything in my opinion (although I must admit I completely get the idea of clicking “Open” or “Pickup” and having fun dialog from my experience playing all those great games.

But if the engine has been compromised and back-engineered or whatever, that would mean people could just simply change up the sprites and make new dialog assets and have a completely different game without having to make the engine, and that’s NOT cool either as Terrible Toybox own that and have spent a lot of time and funds building it. (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to see much more from Terrible Toybox as they symbolise the founders of the genre to me, the Godfathers :smile: And for us to see more of these great games, they simply have to make a healthy profit , its as simple as that)


No one’s pirating here. (This was another game by Ron.)

Nothing has been compromised.

Sounds great. Sounds like fun. It’s called modding a game.

But what we are actually talking about is the other way around:
You take the game data files from the original game and then use something like ScummVM which is a reimplementation of the game engine running on modern platforms, often with additional features (auto saves, graphics filters etc.) (@Frenzie or less features: less saves).


Like Doom! :smiley:

Fewer saves? What philistine has done that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there games with originally unlimited saves that are limited to 99 in ScummVM?


I actually don’t know.
But I do remember you complaining about this limit in ScummVM.


I never came even near 99 in my Space Quest Playthroughs. And in dead end free games I don´t see the point, really.


So you can go back in time and try different stuff, like dialogues. But 99 is enough for me. 9 isn’t though (TWP).


True, my bigger issue with that though was the inability to switch off the autosave.


For regular purposes it’s high enough, just kind of a pointless limit. But when I was trying to check some different behaviors for minutiae in Zak it filled up rather quickly.


If there were achievements in ScummVM then reaching the save slot limit should be one :slight_smile:


Hello everyone.
I think this is my first time writing a post. Maybe I’ve asked something about the revenue split difference between the version of Thimbleweed Park and the Steam one. I’m digressing.

I must confess I did not read the original post, so I cannot know for sure whether was filled with profanities or not. However that would be very unlikely. I’ve checked @scemino repository on GitHub and his project seemed to me deeply respectful of the owners’ rights, interesting and honestly quite charming.

That’s it.
Just wanted to come and say hi and support @scemino, without missing the chance to remark how terrific this game is, along with the whole team who worked on it.