Lost savefiles on os x

Hi! Please help me!

I lost my save files when my macbook crashed! I had played for about 7 hours and had just entered the factory. To be more specific; I had just turned of the robots so that I could enter. Please help, can someone please help me out?

You should email support@thimbleweedpark.com. Maybe they are able to help you.

Seeing that you seemingly lost all savegames, you are probably asking for a savegame from someone else as a replacement, don’t you? I’m currently unable to help you out, but I’m sure that someone here has a suitable file readily available.

Let’s see… Were you playing on hard or on casual?

Hi! I was playing on hard.

Yes that is correct, exactly what I am looking for.

You’ll find at the bottom of this post a link to a Google Drive directory that contains two files, named “Savegame2.save” and “Savegame2.png”. In this savegame, the characters have just entered the factory, so you have to turn off the robots again.

Warning: my playthrough may have been different from yours. Expect to see different objects in the inventories, for example.

You should copy both files to your savegame directory, which should be one of the two following paths:

~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

Mac App Store:
~Library/Containers/com.terribletoybox.thimbleweedpark/Data/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

Here is the link to the Google Drive directory:


Let me know if these savegame files work for you.


Hi! Thank you very much but it looks as if its steam saves? I can’t find the location you refer to, Library/…?

It might be in the same folder as the Prefs.json file. So, according to Ron’s blog entry, it should be one of the following folders, depending on your OS:

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park
Windows: AppData\Roaming\Terrible Toybox\Thimbleweed Park
Linux: ~/.local/share/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

The Mac hides the Library folder. To open it, from the finder, selected the GO menu, then hold down the SHIFT key, and the Library folder will show up. Select it.

It worked like a charm! Thank you very much for your help and support! As a father of two young boys, those 7-8hours of gameplay doesn’t grow on trees so to speak! :slight_smile:

I also want to thank you for insane amount of gameplay during my teens from all your awesome games, especially MI2. I still to this day have that as my favourite game ever, all categories!


Thank you very much for helping me out! I ment alot to me! :slight_smile:

We’re here to help…